2020 News

Faculty & Staff
The Jerusalem Post


Prof. Andrea Schneider, professor of law, commented on how the American Historical Association defeated two anti-Israel resolutions nominated by Historians for Peace and Democracy. “Accuracy and truth telling are vital components of academia,” Schneider said. "Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to history, so it was heartening to see AHA members stand up against this deceptive campaign."

Story appeared on The Jerusalem Post, Jan. 7, 2020


Dr. Charles Franklin, director of Marquette Law School Poll, discussed how Social Security and Medicare are programs that motivate older Americans to vote and how that translates into policy. He said the advantage and clout that older Americans have, because of their high propensity to vote, “carries over in the reluctance of Congress to touch either of those two programs.” 

Story appeared on AARP, Jan. 6, 2020