Sports Law: Opportunities for Students

2017 Intramural Competition finalists Ryan Jordan, Sara Dilanjian, Jonathan Van Geffen & Keegan Girodo.

Table of Contents
  1. NSLI Sports Law Internships
  2. Marquette Sports Law Review
  3. National Sports Law Student Writing Competition
  4. Sports Law Moot Court Team
  5. Intramural Negotiation Competition
  6. National Competitions
  7. NIKE Legal Department Externship
  8. Joint JD/MBA in Sports Business Program

Opportunities for Students

Sports Law Internships

Under the supervision of the National Sports Law Institute's directors, Marquette Sports Law Certificate Program students have the opportunity to gain valuable legal and business experience by participating in one semester volunteer sports law-related internships.  To be eligible for consideration for the Sports Law internship program students must first

  1. Register as a Certificate candidate during the fall semester of their first year.
  2. Participate in the Office of Career Planning’s First Year Orientation program and meet with a member of the Office of Career Planning’s staff to review his/her resume and cover letter during their first year. 
  3. Register for and plan to participate in the Marquette Sports Law Review summer writing competition after their first year.
  4. Enroll in Topics in Advanced Legal Research - Sports Law during the summer or fall semester after their first year.
  5. Enroll in Amateur Sports Law during the fall semester of their second year.

Recent internship positions are listed by semester below

Marquette Sports Law Review

Established in 1990, the Marquette Sports Law Review is the first United States scholarly publication to focus on legal, ethical, and business issues related to professional and amateur athletics. The Sports Law Review is produced and edited by Marquette Law students, who earn academic credit for their work. It publishes articles and essays submitted by sports lawyers, sports industry professionals, law professors, and law students on a broad range of sports-related topics. Recently published articles have discussed testing for performance-enhancing substances in professional sports, ownership of sports statistics, termination of college coaching contracts, managing risk in interscholastic athletics, the impact of Title IX on athletic departments, and many other subjects of current interest. For more information on the Sports Law Review visit its official Website.

National Sports Law Student Writing Competition

GOALS: 1) To raise awareness about the importance of brand protection in the field of sports and entertainment; 2) To contribute to the development of a knowledge base about the legal and business aspects of brand protection by encouraging Marquette law student scholarship about this topic; and 3) To help Marquette University Law School and the National Sports Law Institute maintain their status as leading providers of sports law education by encouraging the academic study of legal and business issues in connection with the protection of sports-related intellectual property rights. View the complete details.

Sports Law Moot Court Team

J.D. students interested in developing their oral argument and brief-writing skills are eligible to be selected for Marquette's Sports Law Moot Court Team if they successfully complete the Law School's Appellate Writing and Advocacy course. The team participates in the Mardi Gras Invitational National Sports Law Competition held in New Orleans each year. For more information visit the National Sports Law Moot Court Competition website.

Intramural Sports Law Negotiation Competition

Created in 2013, the Intramural Sports Law Negotiation Competition develops Sports Law program students’ skills and creates more competitive, better prepared teams for national competitions by exposing competitors to different competition formats.  Students who participate in the intramural competition are eligible to be placed on a national competition team.

National Competitions

Sports Law program students are eligible to be selected to participate in one of several different competitions:

  • The Game Day Sports Case Competition brings together teams of J.D. and M.B.A. students from top universities around the country to analyze, present and negotiate a real world  solution to a sport business problem, rotating each year between Los Angeles and Villanova, Pennsylvania.
  • The National Baseball Arbitration Competition is a simulated salary arbitration competition modeled closely on the procedures used by Major League Baseball (MLB), held in New Orleans each spring.
  • The National Football Negotiation Competiton is a simulated contract negotiation using real life scenarios and actual upcoming NFL free agents, held in New Orleans each spring.
  • The National Basketball Negotiation Competition, in which students are given different negotiation scenarios that a National Basketball Association agent, coach, general manager, owner or franchise may encounter, held in New York City each spring.
  • The National Sports Law Negotiation Competition, in which students are given fact patterns focusing on real-world sports issues such as contract negotiation and intellectual property issues affecting individual athletes, leagues, teams, and licensing companies, held in San Diego each fall.


Students participating in Marquette's Sports Law program are eligible to be selected for several unique externship program, including positions with the NIKE Legal Department, the NCAA Enforcement Office and Office for the Committees on Infractions, and U.S. Speedskating, among other positions.

J.D./M.B.A in Sports Business

The joint J.D./M.B.A. in Sports Business is offered through Marquette University's Law School and College of Business Administration. The program enables students to earn both degrees in less time than if each degree were pursued separately (typically a total of four years). By also earning the National Sports Law Institute's Sports Law Certificate, Marquette students have the opportunity to combine their knowledge of sports law with a graduate business education that will provide them with a unique package of educational credentials that promises to be attractive to sports industry employers. View the complete details.