Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations contribute to the vibrant student community at Marquette University Law School. From dynamic speakers to social engagements, student organizations connect you with your peers and causes important to you. These organizations also provide numerous opportunities to meet speakers, attorneys, and judges who share your interests and can expose you to the law in practice. Scroll through our list of organizations below to find the one that suits you best.

Student Bar Association
Our main objectives as a student organization are to: (a) sponsor ethical, academic, professional, social, and cultural activities for its members; (b) represent student ideas and concerns to the faculty and administration; (c) serve as a communication link between students and the faculty, administration, alumni, and Milwaukee community; and (d) represent the American Bar Association to the student body.

American Constitution Society for Law & Public Policy
The American Constitution Society (ACS) is the nation’s leading progressive legal organization, with over 200 student and lawyer chapters in almost every state and on most law school campuses. Originally formed as the progressive response after the Supreme Court’s Bush v. Gore decision, ACS was founded on the principle that the law should be a force to improve the lives of all people.

Asian Law Student Association
Our mission is to facilitate an environment which fosters the social, academic and professional development of all students, particularly students of color, and to recognize and celebrate the unique attributes of an asian american heritage and to create a community where this heritage is embraced.

Association for Women Lawyers
AWL is a service organization open to all members of the law school community. This organization is dedicated to improving the environment for female and male students at Marquette University Law School, in the legal community, and in the community at large.

Black Law Student Association
The Marquette University Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is an organization created and designed to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black law students.

Business Law Society
The Business Law Society seeks to help students deepen their understanding of the interplay between the business sector and the legal system. It provides its members with opportunities to meet and interact with business law faculty and professionals from the local business and business law communities.

Children & Family Law Society
Marquette's Children and Family Law Society seeks to inform students of employment, volunteer and school-related opportunities that arise in the children and family law fields; to encourage members to volunteer their time and energy to efforts in the Milwaukee area related to the well being of children; to inform members of upcoming lectures, seminars, and workshops related to family law; and to advocate and raise awareness about children and family law issues.

Criminal Law Society
The purpose of this organization is to expose students to the field of criminal law and encourage awareness of the legal and practical aspects of the criminal justice system.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Law Society
The organization has been established to encourage law students to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, the regulatory aspects of the industry, and much more. The organization seeks to provide avenues for students to actively integrate developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space into their professional aspirations, and otherwise stay up to date with law-related developments taking place in the space.

Dispute Resolution Society
The Dispute Resolution (DR) Society is one of the largest and most active student organizations at Marquette University Law School. Our mission is to support and promote the use of alternative dispute resolution within the law school, the legal community and the greater community.

Entertainment Law Society
ELS helps promote student interest in legal topics related to entertainment and media, music, advertising, copyright, trademark, television and radio, publishing, and art, by organizing various events with law students and professionals in the industry.

Environmental Law Society
The Environmental Law Society seeks to promote environmental activism in the Marquette Law School community by providing information on current environmental issues and cultivating relationships with environmental professionals in the greater Milwaukee area.

Estate Planning Society
The EPS's mission is to assist law students who are interested in estate planning as a career or who are simply interested in learning more about the field.

The Federalist Society
The Society's main purpose is to sponsor fair, serious, and open debate about the need to enhance individual freedom and the role of the courts in saying what the law is rather than what they wish it to be. We believe debate is the best way to ensure that legal principles that have not been the subject of sufficient attention for the past several decades receive a fair hearing. We hope to contribute to the ideals of free speech, free debate, and the public understanding of the Constitution.

Federal Practice Society
The Federal Practice Society provides a way for students to become actively involved in areas of the law that practice in federal courts, including bankruptcy, patent law, and constitutional law, to name a few. The Society often partners with the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association to hold events for students, attorneys, and judges in the Milwaukee area.

First Generation Professionals
First Generation Professionals is a new organization that is focused on mentorship, community outreach, and retention of first-generation students. Come join other first-generation students as we help one another succeed in law school.

Health Law Society
Our main purpose as a student organization is to act as a resource for students interested in health law. This does not just include medical malpractice, but also other areas related in the health care industry such as employment and labor law, taxation of non-profits, real estate, general business law, risk management and regulatory compliance. In the past, the Health Law Society has sponsored guest speakers from the legal and health care fields, represented Marquette Law School at national conferences, held networking events, organized a blood drive for law faculty, volunteered and the Ronald McDonald House, and held fundraising events for local organizations.

Hispanic Law Student Association
Hispanic Law Student Association ("HLSA") is an inclusive organization geared toward providing support to students of Hispanic heritage and those who have an interest in the Hispanic culture.  HLSA provides students with opportunities for networking, professional development, and community service. HLSA engages in fundraising, community service, and professional speaking events every semester.  We welcome all students who wish to join our organization.

Marquette Immigration Law Association
The Marquette Immigration Law Association (MILA) connects Marquette University Law School to Milwaukee’s immigrant and refugee community by recruiting and organizing students to volunteer with community agencies that provide free and low-cost legal services for immigrants and refugees.

Intellectual Property Law Society
The Marquette Intellectual Property Law Society acts as a resource for students interested in IP law, and organizes monthly events featuring distinguished speakers from the local Intellectual Property professional community.

Jewish Law Students Association
The Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is an organization that fosters the cultural, social, educational, and religious dimensions of Judaism amongst the Marquette University Law School community. The Marquette JLSA seeks to develop within its membership a sense of Jewish identity, an awareness to current issues in the Jewish community as they pertain to the law, and an appreciation as well as a celebration of traditions within Judaism.

Labor & Employment Law Society
Marquette LELS encourages law students to pursue a career in labor and employment law. We work to inspire and educate the next generation of competent passionate labor and employment practitioners to address the conflicts that arise in the course of employment. From Title VII claims to ERISA questions, the scope of employment issues is broad, and the number in need is large.

Organization for Student Wellbeing
This organization has been established to provide law students with practical and healthy methods for dealing with the stresses of law school. It makes available to its members, and to the Marquette University Law School community in general, proven techniques for coping with the law school experience through methods that support mental and physical wellness.

Out & Allies Legal Society
We encourage law students to promote fairness regardless of sexual orientation. We advocate for LGBT perspectives in legal studies, we provide a support network for LGBT students during their law school career, and we also provide academic, professional and social events for all students.

Phi Alpha Delta
The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement; so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service.

Public Interest Law Society
The Public Interest Law Society (PILS) raises funds througout the academic year to support summer fellowships for Marquette Law Students. Interested students may apply in spring for a fellowship to do public interest legal work in the summer following their first or second year of law school. Students perform 350 hours during the summer fellowship at nonprofit and governmental public interest law organizations nationwide. 

Real Estate Law Society
The primary function of this student organization is to increase students' knowledge in the area of real estate, finance, tax, development and other issues that encompass the real property arena. The goal of the organization is to open networking channels between the students, alumni, and greater Milwaukee area.

Saint Thomas More Society
The Saint Thomas More Society provides a forum for exploring the ways in which the Catholic intellectual and moral traditions can help inform our understanding and practice of the law.

Space Law Society
The goal of the Space Law Society aims to familiarize students with and promote the discussion of legal issues related to human activity in outer space. The organization provides students with opportunities to learn about the creation, application, and modification of the laws in this area.

Sports Law Society
Marquette's Sports Law Society acts as the student arm of the Marquette University Law School Sports Law Program. Society members assist the Sports Law Program and the National Sports Law Institute in preparing conferences, seminars, workshops, career panels and other events, in addition to hosting various social events for Society members.

Student Veterans Society 
SVS has been established to encourage law students to engage the legal community in active participation with veterans and their legal and non-legal concerns.


Client Skills Board
The purpose of the Client Skills Board is to increase awareness of the dispute resolution process. Familiarity with arbitration, mediation, client counseling and negotiation skills is a necessity for any legal practitioner. The Client Skills Board provides students with the opportunity to apply concepts learned in the classroom while developing fundamental skills that are relevant to any area of practice.

Moot Court Board
Students who compete in national moot court competitions are invited to be members of the Moot Court Board. In conjunction with faculty supervisors, Board members oversee and administer the various components of the moot court program at MULS. Board members may apply to become Executive Board members through an application and interview process.

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Not seeing what you like? Starting an organization is a great way to develop leadership skills. Each organizations makes a lasting contribution to Marquette University Law School and provides meaningful experiences for fellow students. Sarah DiStefano, student affairs specialist, would be glad to meet with you to discuss how you can start a new organization. You can contact her via email or stop by her office in the Student Affairs Suite (238).


Inactive Organizations for 2019-20

Association of Law Students with Families
The Association of Law Students with Families is a support group for law students with families, who thus face the unique challenge of balancing the rigors of school with the many duties of family life.

Christian Legal Society
CLS is a membership organization of Christian attorneys, judges, paralegals, law students, and other legal professionals dedicated to serving Jesus Christ through the practice of law, defense of religious freedom, and provision of legal aid to the needy. We invite you to join our nationwide Christian legal community.

Hablando Del Derecho
To promote the continued improvement of Spanish language skills among Spanish-speaking law students through weekly conversation groups and connections to Spanish language events and activities at Marquette, UWM, and in the greater Milwaukee area.

International Law Society
The primary objectives of the ILS at Marquette Law School are to promote the study of international and comparative law and legal studies, to provide educational and professional opportunities for students to further their interests in international law and to contribute to a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse political, economic, social and legal cultures which constitute the international community.

J. Reuben Clark Law Society, Student Chapter
The student chapter holds true to the mission of the national J. Reuben Clark Law Society, “We affirm the strength brought to the study of law by a law student’s personal religious conviction. We strive through public service and diligence in our studies to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law.” Membership is multi-faith and open to all law students who share these goals, ideals and values.

Marquette Legal Writing Society
Marquette Legal Writing Society (MLWS) has been established to encourage law students to learn about legal writing and research. MLWS promotes professional legal research and writing and cultivates student interest in the utility and importance of legal writing. This organization seeks to facilitate development of student skills, while acting as a complement to the law school’s legal writing program.

Marquette Trial Lawyers - AAJ/WAJ 
The main goals of AAJ/WAJ as a student organization are to bridge the gap between law school and civil litigation practice, to sharpen students' practical lawyering skills, and to participate in activities with the Milwaukee civil litigation community.

Native American Law Student Association
Our main purpose as a student organization is to provide academic and social support to law students of Native American background or parentage.

Restorative Justice Society
The goal of RJS is to provide a meaningful and unique opportunity for law students to become involved in the Milwaukee community while utilizing the healing tools, and embracing the values, of restorative justice.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund
Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapters are student groups that are affiliated with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and share its mission to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.