Moot Court Board

Students who compete in national moot court competitions are invited to be members of the Moot Court General Board. In conjunction with faculty supervisors, board members oversee and administer the various components of the moot court program at MULS. Board members may apply to become Executive Board members through an application and interview process.


Chief Justice: Alexandra (Sasha) Chepov

Associate Justice of Administration: Natlie Mulvey

Associate Justice of National Moot Court Competition: Zak Wroblewski

Associate Justice of Interscholastic Competitions: Carsyn Bushman

Associate Justice of Interscholastic Competitions: Kevin Landgraf

Associate Justice of Education: Kyle Frank

Associate Justice of Intramural Competitions: Lauren Brasington

Associate Justice of Communication & Social Media: Olanrewaju (Lanre) Abiola

Contact the Moot Court Executive Board at


National Moot Court Competition Committee (NMCC)

Zak Wroblewski (Chairperson)
Olanrewaju (Lanre) Abiola
Ian Clark
Ben Edelstein
Vanessa Flores
Greg Procopio
Brandon Zegiel

Appellate Writing and Advocacy (AWA)

Kyle Frank (Chairperson)
Hailey Anick
Nick Bergosh
Greta Hilgendorf
Kevin Landgraf
Josh LeNoble
Kathleen Russo

Jenkins Honors Intramural Moot Court Competition

Lauren Brasington (Chairperson)
Samantha Bailey
Alicia Bernards
Carsyn Bushman
Joe Furnstahl
Dan Gaughan
Josh Kundert
Ali Mahmood
Sara Schwartz
Mishkat Torania
Christopher Vandeventer


Professor Melissa Love Koenig, (414) 288-6996
Professor Lisa Mazzie, (414) 288-5367

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