Moot Court Board

Third-year law students who completed the Appellate Writing and Advocacy (“AWA”) class and compete in national moot court competitions are invited to be members of the Moot Court General Board. In conjunction with faculty supervisors, board members oversee and administer the various components of the moot court program at MULS. Board members may apply to become Executive Board members through an application and interview process.



Chief Justice: Dominique Fortune

Associate Justice of Administration: Samantha Dorning

Associate Justice of National Moot Court Competition: Andrew Flood

Associate Justice of National Moot Court Competition: Jori LaRosa

Associate Justice of Interscholastic Competitions: Mikela Ryan

Associate Justice of Interscholastic Competitions: Angela Medcalf

Associate Justice of Education: Morgan Kaplan

Associate Justice of Intramural Competitions: Isaiahs Luna

Associate Justice of Intramural Competitions: Lauren Hudon

Associate Justice of Communication & Social Media: Emily Juneau

Contact the Moot Court Executive Board at



National Moot Court Competition Committee (NMCC)
Andrew Flood and Jori LaRosa
Elli Becker
Olivia Brinkmeier
Tyrice Denson
Savanna Gain
Maia Hentges
Mackenzie Kraus
Megan Krier
Jack Letsch
Heidi Meier
Joe Radish
Emily Smith
Matthew Torres
Liam Wilcox-Warren

Appellate Writing and Advocacy (AWA)
Morgan Kaplan (Chairperson)
John Babington
Madison Bushman
Andrew Depkon
Ryan Dicke
Abigail Doweiko
Markus Johnson
Sophia Kallas
Dragna Knezic
Kayleigh Lemery
Cody Linday
Jacob Lloyd
Tyler Porter
Zachary Semancik
Jackson Theil

Jenkins Honors Intramural Moot Court Competition
Isaiahs Luna and Lauren Hudon (Chairpersons)
Claire Austin
Cora Baudhin
Alexis Bauer
Nolan Deen
Benjamin Karbowski
Fernando Mihaic
Daniel Potter
Derik Rush
Hailey Scansy
Daniel Veselik


Professor Melissa Love Koenig, (414) 288-6996
Professor Lisa Mazzie, (414) 288-5367

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