Moot Court Board

Third-year law students who completed the Appellate Writing and Advocacy (“AWA”) class and compete in national moot court competitions are invited to be members of the Moot Court General Board. In conjunction with faculty supervisors, board members oversee and administer the various components of the moot court program at MULS. Board members may apply to become Executive Board members through an application and interview process.



Chief Justice: Nicole Jennings

Associate Justice of Administration: Emily Ward

Associate Justice of National Moot Court Competition: Jake Apostolu

Associate Justice of National Moot Court Competition: Kyle Kasper

Associate Justice of Interscholastic Competitions: Hunter Cone

Associate Justice of Interscholastic Competitions: Sam Jozwiak

Associate Justice of Education: J.P. Curran

Associate Justice of Intramural Competitions: Travis Goeden

Associate Justice of Intramural Competitions: Fefe Jaber

Associate Justice of Communication & Social Media: Aimeé Treviño

Contact the Moot Court Executive Board at



National Moot Court Competition Committee (NMCC)
Jake Apostolu and Kyler Kasper
Jessica Zimpfer
Ron Tenuta
Julie Barnett
Andie Panozzo
Rose VanElderen
Meg Wallace
Alexandra Lear
Anders McLeod
Brett Blayer
Nolan Heck

Appellate Writing and Advocacy (AWA)
JP Curran (Chairperson)
Kyle (Kip) Elderkin
Madeline Lewis
Abigail Kincheloe
Andy Holzmann
Annie Gonring
Ben Bauman
Ethan Chmiel
James Carpenter
Alesha Guenther
Ilana Friedman
Austin Wesner

Jenkins Honors Intramural Moot Court Competition
Fefe Jaber and Travis Goeden (Chairpersons)
Marisa Cullotta
Lindita Hajdari
Taylor Olson
Jenny Lehner
Cole Bourgeois
Julian Marrufo
Cameron Rink
Theresa Correa Gonzalez
Bailey Groh Rassmussen



Professor Melissa Love Koenig, (414) 288-6996
Professor Lisa Mazzie, (414) 288-5367

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