Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

"Conflict resolution plays such a large part in any area of law once students graduate and begin practicing."

Jordan Karth, MULS, 2014

The legal profession is multifaceted, requiring a complex combination of knowledge and skills. Marquette University Law School trains compassionate, empathetic professionals capable of advising clients regarding all available avenues for resolving disputes, whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. A leader in dispute resolution education, Marquette University Law School offers its students all the benefits of a nationally recognized ADR program. All students have the opportunity to pursue a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (with J.D. Degree).

MU Law’s ADR Program includes mediation, arbitration, negotiation, and restorative justice.  These areas enhance students’ ability to problem solve and meet the needs of their clients after graduation. Some ADR courses are offered with a direct connection to other areas of law which allows students to explore the application of ADR in conjunction with their other interests.

Students can gain practical experience in ADR directly through workshops, seminars, internships, client skills competitions, and the Small Claims Mediation Clinic. Marquette University law students have historically excelled at international, national, and regional ABA sponsored competitions.

In addition to its outstanding ADR faculty, Marquette is known for being on the cutting edge of ADR in the legal arena, hosting conferences and seminars of interest to the ADR community.

"ADR is the foundation of my practice. ADR processes and strategies often save time, money, and relationships, satisfying my municipal and school clients in more ways than one. Marquette's ADR curriculum, as well as its dedicated faculty and staff, has prepared me well to utilize ADR in all stages of problem solving." - Hannah Chin, von Briesen & Roper, s.c. MULS, 2022.


Full-Time Faculty
Professor Nadelle Grossman
Professor Matthew Mitten
Professor Judith McMullen

Clinical Faculty
Professor Antoinette Vacca

Adjunct Faculty
Professor Peter Coffey
Professor Daniel Chudnow
Professor Rebecca Donaldson
Professor Mary Ferwerda
Professor Michelle Fitzgerald
Professor David Gottardo
Professor Martin Greenberg
Professor Amy Koltz
Professor Megan Morrisey
Professor Jill Sopha
Professor Margaret Zickuhr

Visiting Faculty
Professor Palma Strand
Professor Mark Umbreit


Course descriptions can be found in the online Law School Bulletin.
Please note that not every course is taught each year.

Student Organizations, Clinics, & Activities

Alternative Dispute Resolution Society: Promotes the use of dispute resolution within the law school, the legal community, and the greater community through skills building, internationally known speakers, networking opportunities, and competitions offered through the Client Skills Board.

Client Skills Board: Competitions focused on negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and client counseling provide students the opportunity to practice the concepts learned in the classroom. Competitions’ sponsors include the American Bar Association Law Student Division, the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section, Transactional Law Meets, and Marquette University Law School Client Skills Board. Teams from Marquette have competed in ABA Regional, National, and International Competitions.

Small Claims Mediation Clinic: Students work in conjunction with Milwaukee County’s Small Claims Court directly mediating cases for pro se litigants under the supervision of experienced attorney-mediators. These students interact with a widely diverse population who seek agreements for small claims disputes ranging from landlord/tenant, contractor/dissatisfied customer, to ex-roommates’ division of security deposit and furnishing. The cases come directly from the Court and mediated agreements close the court case.

Registered Student Organizations contribute to the vibrant student community at Marquette University Law School. Scroll through our list of organizations to find the one that suits you best and if you are a current student, you can click on the links to get contact information.

Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution