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What do civil rights cases, for example, have in common with mortgage foreclosures, car wrecks, fights over land use, and insurance coverage disputes, to name only a few possibilities? All involve civil litigation, the process by which people, businesses, and even governmental agencies pursue their rights or defend claims brought against them. Marquette University Law School prides itself on a long history of educating superb lawyers, judges, and justices who have dedicated themselves to the civil justice system.

Building on this tradition and taking full advantage of Eckstein Hall’s resources, the Law School offers students an opportunity to obtain the Certificate in Litigation when completing their J.D. degree. The program blends knowledge of legal doctrine, rules, and policy with the development of skills essential to representing clients effectively. Courtroom advocacy is stressed along with the equally critical pretrial stages where complex procedures govern how claims are brought, facts are discovered, and cases are prepared for trial or settlement. Students write briefs, argue motions, and present witness testimony in simulated practice settings; emphasized are the oral and written communication skills that successful lawyers possess. To better understand the litigation process as it unfolds in real cases, students are also offered a wide-range of internships in federal and state courts, various public interest law firms, and designated governmental agencies. For details about the Certificate in Litigation program, click here.


Full-Time Faculty
Professor Daniel Blinka
Professor Bruce Boyden
Dean Joseph D. Kearney
Professor Melissa Love Koenig
Professor Michael O'Hear
Professor Chad Oldfather

Emeritus Faculty
Professor Thomas Hammer

Adjunct Faculty
Professor Matthew Clabots
Professor Laura Crivello
Professor Nathaniel Hammons
Professor Mel Johnson
Professor Erin Karshen
Professor Bridget Krause
Professor Beth Kushner
Professor Jason Luczak
Professor Craig Mastantuono
Professor Emil Ovbiagele
Professor Randy Parlee
Professor Mary Lee Ratzel
Professor Arial Rosenberg
Professor Richard Schuster
Professor Travis Schwantes
Professor Thomas Shriner
Professor Matthew Torbenson
Professor Timothy Trecek
Professor Megan Troy
Professor Antoinette Vacca

Curriculum and Courses

The Litigation curriculum at Marquette University Law School offers courses covering all stages of litigation from pretrial practice through appeals to prepare lawyers for both civil and criminal law practice. Students benefit from internships in state and federal trial and appellate courts to learn how judges reason through cases. The curriculum and practical experiences offered at Marquette provide students with a three-dimensional understanding of litigation practice.

Course descriptions can be found in the online Law School Bulletin.
Please note that not every course is taught each year.

Student Organizations and Activities

Marquette Trial Lawyers Association - The Marquette Trial Lawyers Association is dedicated to: (1) Engaging students in the process of trial level litigation; (2) Developing trial skills; (3) Introducing students to local trial attorneys practicing criminal prosecution, criminal defense, personal injury, contract, intellectual property, insurance, labor and employment, public interest, and other civil areas of law. The Trial Lawyers Association acts in conjunction with the Litigation Certificate and the Trial Skills Competitions.

Registered Student Organizations contribute to the vibrant student community at Marquette University Law School. Scroll through our list of organizations to find the one that suits you best and if you are a current student, you can click on the links to get contact information.

Certificate in Litigation (with J.D. Degree)