Tax law is an area of law that addresses the tax consequences of numerous underlying transactions and events. A tax attorney typically advises lawyers in other practice areas because tax laws are implicated in many personal and business transactions. A lawyer practicing criminal law, personal injury, corporate law, real estate, family law, estate planning and other areas encounter tax issues and frequently consult tax attorneys. Marquette Law School’s tax curriculum is not intended to be limited to students pursuing a career in tax law, but it also provides an understanding of fundamental tax principles for students pursuing other practice areas.

Marquette Law School offers several tax classes that expose students to different aspects of tax practice. These classes include a variety of transactional law where the tax attorney helps to facilitate a particular transaction and litigation where the tax attorney is involved in controversy work after the state or federal government has challenged the tax treatment of a particular transaction. The in-class curriculum is complemented by a supervised fieldwork program at the local Internal Revenue Service District Counsel Office where students not only assist the attorneys as they prepare for trial, but they also have the opportunity to directly participate in cases at the United States Tax Court.


Full-Time Faculty
Professor Vada Lindsey

Professor Emeritus
Professor Patricia Bradford

Adjunct Professors
Professor Patricia Hintz
Professor Robert Misey
Professor Joseph Tierney

Curriculum and Courses

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Please note that not every course is taught each year.

Student Organizations and Activities

Estate Planning Society - The EPS's mission is to assist law students who are interested in estate planning as a career or who are simply interested in learning more about the field.

Tax Law Association - The Tax Law Association's objective is to expose law students to tax practice and provide opportunities within both public and private sectors to connect students with tax professionals in Milwaukee and beyond.

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