Health Care Law

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Health care is one of the largest, most diversified, and most highly regulated industries in the United States. A component industry, pharmaceuticals, is the most profitable industry in the world. Government health care benefits are carefully restricted and fiercely sought by those in need. The world of human, healing relationships between doctor and patient is threatened by the profitability, technological power and sheer scale of health care services. Regulating the industry, assuring access to care for the sick, and maintaining quality are all concerns of law and regulation at federal and state levels.

Health care law is a composite of related fields in which lawyers are writing their own job descriptions by recognizing client needs. While no one specializes in all of health care law, every lawyer — in government, litigation, or business planning — must know the legal and regulatory environment in order to provide good counsel and advocacy.

Marquette University Law School provides a sound foundation in health care law and entry into specialized areas through a range of ten courses including Mental Health Systems, Managed Care, Health Care Policy, and Health Care Contracts.

Marquette Benefits and Social Welfare Law Review publishes articles devoted to international and domestic civil rights and social justice perspectives on employee benefits, disability, elder, health, poverty, and social insurance law. Since 2002, and as formerly known as the Elder's Advisor, it has been produced by ​Marquette University law students who work closely with experts in the field to bring to publication a readable compendium of current issues and complex policy problems at the intersection of benefits law and social justice.


Adjunct Faculty
Professor Deborah Collins
Professor Michelle Frazier
Professor Jay Gold
Professor John Hintz
Professor Samuel Leib
Professor Thomas Zander


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Please note that not every course is taught each year.

Student Organizations and Activities

Health Law Society - Our main purpose as a student organization is to act as a resource for students interested in health law. This does not just include medical malpractice, but also other areas related in the health care industry such as employment and labor law, taxation of non-profits, real estate, general business law, risk management and regulatory compliance. In the past, the Health Law Society has sponsored guest speakers from the legal and health care fields, represented Marquette Law School at national conferences, held networking events, organized a blood drive for law faculty, volunteered and the Ronald McDonald House, and held fundraising events for local organizations.

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