Final round, 2024 Professional Sports Negotiation Competition

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Final round, 2024 Professional Sports Negotiation Competition
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Eckstein Hall, Lubar Center, room 144
1215 W. Michigan Street
Milwaukee, WI 53201
United States

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, the Sports Law Competition Board will host the final round of the 2024 Professional Sports Negotiation Competition.  The final round will start at @5:00 pm in the Lubar Center (room 144).  Following the final round, the Sports Law Program will host a reception for all attendees in the Zilber Forum.

The final round will feature a negotiation between the New York Giants’ Tommy Devito’s agents and representatives from Adidas, regarding a possible sponsorship contract. Among other things, the negotiations will center around the development of a signature track suit.  Competitors in the final round are second-year Sports Law Certificate Candidates Team 2 (Henry Score & Erik Pederson) versus Team 4 (Austin Chamorro & Arton Riza)

Sports industry judges for the final round include -

The winners of the competition will receive an invitation to participate in the National Sports Law Competition of their choice during the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Please remember that if you are a first-year student interested in competing in the intramural competitions as second year students and on a national team as third year students – you should attend the final round tomorrow.  Second year students interested in being part of a National Team or being part of the Competition Board as third year students, must attend the final round tomorrow.  Third year students don’t miss this opportunity to support your fellow students and network with our alumni guests.

Professional Sports Negotiation Competition

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