Sports Law Competition Board and Sports Law Competitions

{from left} Paul Kekich, Nick Izquierdo, Michelle Svilpe, Sarah L'Hommedieu & Paul Kekich

The Sports Law Competition Board coordinates Sports Law Certificate Program student participation in internal and external sports law competitions.  Internally the Board develops and manages the Collegiate Athletics Negotiation Competition each fall, and the Professional Sports Negotiation Competition each spring.  The Board also nominates students to participate in all outside sports law competitions, and members serve as liaisons to and supervise each national team. 

2022-2023 Competition Board

  • Chair - Michelle Svilpe
  • Vice-Chair - Nick Izquierdo
  • Associates - Kolby Forrest, Sarah L'Hommedieu & Paul Kekich

Sports Law Competitions & Competitors 2021-2022

Fall 2021

  • Marquette Sports Law Program Collegiate Athletics Negotiation Competition  
    • Finalists:
      • Sarah L’Hommedieu & Clara Sporrer (winners)
      • vs. Kolby Forrest & Michelle Svilpe
  • National Sports Law Negotiation Competition (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)
    • Logan Deeney & Morgan Minter
  • Villanova Law Esports Negotiation Competition
    • Jacob Fricke & Mark Hamilton


Spring 2022

  • Marquette Sports Law Program Professional Sports Negotiation Competition
    • Finalists:
      • Sarah L’Hommedieu & Clara Sporrer (winners)
      • vs. Joseph Infusino & Nick Izquierdo
  • Fordham National Basketball Negotiation Competition
    • Abby Glaus & Laurel Montag (semi-finalists)
  • ILC Cup 2022: Sports Arbitration Moot Competition
    • Kolby Forrest, Sarah L’Hommedieu, Michelle Svilpe & Clara Sporrer
  • Mardi Gras National Sports Law Moot Court Competition (Tulane University Law School)
    • Nicholas Bergosh, Kevin Landgraf & Natalie Mulvey
  • New York Law School Soccer Dispute Competition
    • Jacob Fricke & Francesca Voci (winners & Francesca Voci selected as top oralist)
  • Sports & Recreation Law Association Case Competition
    • Casey Beronilla & Ali Mahmood (winners and Ali Mahmmod selected as top competitor)
  • The Art of the Sneaker Deal: Case Study Competition (University of Miami)
    • Casey Beronilla, Jacob Growel, Ryan Malliet & Zach Semancik
  • 1st Annual International Fútbol Negotiation Competition (Tulane University Law School)
    • Logan Cooney & Sara Thurber
  • 5th Annual Professional Basketball Negotiation Competition (Tulane University Law School)
    • Casey Beronilla, Morgan Hines & Francesca Voci
  • 8th Annual Moorad Game Day Case Competition (UCLA Anderson School of Management)
    • Jordan Arrigo, Casey Beronilla & Keegan Rand
  • 8th Annual Tulane National Football Negotiation Competition
    • Logan Deeney & Zoe Littleton
  • 2022 International Baseball Arbitration Competition (Tulane University Law School)
    • Kristina Frkovic, Karen Jones & Keegan Rand