Sports Law Competition Board and Sports Law Competitions


The Sports Law Competition Board coordinates Sports Law Certificate Program student participation in internal and external sports law competitions.  Internally the Board develops and manages the Collegiate Athletics Negotiation Competition each fall, and the Professional Sports Negotiation Competition each spring.  The Board also nominates students to participate in all outside sports law competitions, and members serve as liaisons to and supervise each national team. 

2024-2025 Competition Board

  • Internal Competition Chair: Henry Score
  • National Competition Chair: Austin Chamorro
  • Associates: Noah Cohen, Britney Dickey, Matthew Duffy, Gabe Ellis, Erik Pedersen & Arton Riza


Marquette Sports Program Competitions

Fall Collegiate Athletics Negotiation Competition

  • 2023: Monica Martinez & Kait Reeves
  • 2022: Austin Montbriand & Daniel Schramm
  • 2021: Sarah L'Hommedieu & Clara Sporrer
  • 2020: Morgan Hines & Francesca Voci

Spring Professional Sports Negotiation Competition

  • 2024: Austin Chamorro & Arton Riza
  • 2023: Abigail Barnett & Samantha Rice
  • 2022: Sarah L'Hommedieu & Clara Sporrer
  • 2021: Jordan Arrigo & Nicholas Bergosh

Past Winners

  • From 2014 until 2019 only 1 intramural competition was held each year.
  • 2019: Ashley Graves & Marnae Mawdsley
  • 2018: Taylor Chase & Dominic Rosso
  • 2017: Sara Dilanjian & Ryan Jordan
  • 2016: Michael Gavin & Nicholas Prudenzano
  • 2015: Nathan Brown & Alexa Callahan
  • 2014: Carin Steber & Phillip Thomson

National Sports Law Competition Teams 2024-2025 Academic Year (TBD)

  • California Sports Lawyer® Negotiation Competition at the Rose Bowl Stadium
  • Fordham National Basketball Negotiation Competition
    • International Baseball Arbitration Competition (Tulane University Law School)
    • Mardi Gras National Sports Law Moot Court Competition (Tulane University Law School)
    • National Sports Law Negotiation Competition (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)
    • New England Hockey Arbitration Competition (Western New England University School of Law)
    • New York Law School Soccer Dispute Competition
    • Professional Football Negotiation Competition (Tulane University Law School)

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