Sports Facility Reports, Volume 11 (Summer 2010)

Sports Facility Reports, Volume 11 (Summer 2010)

Volume 11 (Summer 2010)


Green Facility Information

Perhaps no area of law has the potential to impact sports facilities in the next few years more than green facility law.

This information is provided by Professor Bill Miller, Assistant Professor, Health, Exercise Science & Sport Management, University of Wisconsin - Parkside, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Professor Miller is a member of the National Sports Law Institute's Sports Law Alumni Association and liaison to its Board of Advisors. In 2009, Miller developed a course focusing solely on green facility development, finance and marketing issues for sports organizations. The course, "Sustainable Sports Management," is believed to be one of the first (if not the first) of its kind in the country.

Major League Stadium/Arena Referendum Information

The following chart provides a report on Major League Sport Stadium/Arena Referendums since 2001. This chart updates prior research provided in Appendix 2 to Sports Facility Reports, Volume 2, Number 2, which reported on referendum's from 1990-2001.

Facility Updates

The following reports were compiled from information found on team and league websites, news sources available on LEXIS/NEXIS, Westlaw, general webbased metasearches, and other general research. Each report is intended to provide information on facility and team financing for teams within the various sports and leagues covered.

Editorial Staff:

  • Professor Matthew J. Mitten, NSLI Director
  • Professor Paul M. Anderson, Editor & Designer, NSLI Associate Director
  • Contributors to Volume 11: NSLI Research Assistants Carolina Dutriz (L'12), Ashley Fale (L'11), Jeremy Goff (L'11), Todd LaForest (L'11), Ben Leibovitz (L'12), Bryce Pressentin (L'12), and Peter Prigge (L'12).

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