Job Postings

Marquette University Law School's Career Planning Center (CPC) posts all job opportunities on Symplicity. Symplicity access varies depending on whether you are a current Marquette Law School student, Marquette Law School graduate, or a student or graduate of another law school.

STUDENTS:  Current Marquette Law School students are not permitted to access Symplicity prior to 1L Career Planning Orientation in October. Shortly after the program, the CPC will send an email message to each student in attendance that includes their unique Symplicity access information. A student will not be ble to apply for jobs via Symplicity until her/his résumé has been reviewed and approved by the CPC following an in-person meeting with a member of the CPC staff, whether through a Café Counseling session or a one-on-one meeting in the CPC. 

GRADUATES: If you are a graduate of Marquette Law School, please send an email message to the CPC at requesting access to Symplicity for the purpose of viewing job postings. Provide in the email:

  1. Your full name,
  2. The year of your graduation from Marquette Law School, and
  3. The email address you would like used for your Symplicity account.  

STUDENTS AND GRADUATES OF OTHER LAW SCHOOLS:  Access to job posting for students and graduates of other law schools is available pursuant to Marquette Law School's Reciprocity Policy. Please note that requests for reciprocity must come directly from your law school on your behalf.