What is reciprocity?

Reciprocity is an agreement between law school career services offices to provide students/graduates of other ABA-accredited law schools access to the resources of their office. The resources available via reciprocity typically are limited as is the period during which reciprocity is available (for example, reciprocity generally is unavailable during the Fall on-campus interview season). In addition, access for graduates of other schools often is limited to one year following their graduation. Furthermore, numerous law schools do not offer reciprocal services to all schools, restricting availability to a limited number of schools. Accordingly, we strongly encourage you to check the reciprocity policy of a school which you are interested in visiting before applying for reciprocity.

Reciprocity Policy of Marquette University Law School

The Career Planning Center (CPC) of Marquette University Law School offers reciprocal use of specific services and resources to students and graduates of other ABA-accredited law schools on the following bases:


Reciprocity is available only to students and graduates of other ABA-accredited law schools which allow Marquette University Law School students and/or graduates use of their career services resources and facilities.

Requests for Reciprocity

  • Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing from a representative of the student's or graduate's law school. Walk-in or telephone requests will not be granted. The letter must be received by U.S.Mail, email, or fax at least one week in advance of the anticipated date of visit.  The letter should be addressed to: Catherine Bergman, Career Planning Assistant, Marquette University Law School, Eckstein Hall, Suite 240, 1215 W. Michigan Ave., P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881,
  • When reciprocity is granted a letter will be sent by the CPC to the student/graduate and that individual's career services office. The student/graduate must bring a copy of this letter granting reciprocity on each visit.
  • The initial visit must be scheduled by the student or graduate via telephone or email.
  • Remote access to student job postings on Marquette's Symplicity CSM is available only to current students of law schools that provide Marquette Law students remote access to postings.  
  • Graduates of other law schools may obtain remote access to job postings for graduates on Symplicity at a cost of $30 for six months by requesting reciprocity through their law school career services office and then, once reciprocity is granted, sending a check made out to Marquette University Law School at the following address:  Career Planning Center, Marquette University Law School, Attn: Alumni Job Postings, P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI  53201-1881


Reciprocity will be granted for a six-month period commencing on the date of the letter from CPC granting reciprocity. However, reciprocity is suspended from August 15 through October 15.

Resources Available

  • Access to hard versions of career and employer information
  • Access to job postings in Marquette's Symplicity (remote access is available per the requirements set forth under "Requests for Reciprocity", above).
  • Access to publications in the Career Planning Center's Resource Library.

Unavailable Resources

  • Participation in Fall or Spring On-Campus Interview Program
  • Participation in job fairs.
  • Resume referral.
  • Resume collection.
  • Individualized career planning/advising with a member of the CPC professional staff.
  • Document review by a member of the CPC staff.

Decisions concerning reciprocity privileges lie within the sole discretion of the Assistant Dean for Career Planning, who reserves the right to refuse such privileges to any individual who violates the terms of this reciprocity policy, and also reserves the right to revise the policy as necessary.