What is reciprocity?

Reciprocity is an agreement between law schools to provide students/graduates of other ABA-accredited law schools reasonable access to job search-related resources. The resources available via reciprocity typically are limited as is the period during which reciprocity is available (e.g., reciprocity generally is unavailable during the fall recruiting season). In addition, numerous law schools do not offer reciprocal services to all schools, restricting availability to a limited number of schools. Accordingly, we strongly encourage Marquette University Law School students and graduates to check the reciprocity policies of schools of interest before applying for reciprocity. 

Marquette students and graduates seeking reciprocity at another law school must first complete and submit a Reciprocity Request Form

Students and graduates from other law schools may request reciprocity with Marquette University Law School according the below reciprocity policy:

Reciprocity Policy of Marquette University Law School

The Career Planning Center (CPC) of Marquette University Law School offers reciprocal use of specific services and resources to students and graduates of other ABA-accredited law schools on the following terms:

  1. Reciprocity is available only to students and graduates of ABA-accredited law schools that allow Marquette University Law School students and/or graduates use of their career services resources and facilities.
  2. All requests for reciprocity must be made in writing and submitted via email from a representative of the student's or graduate's law school career services office. Walk-in or telephone requests will not be considered.  The request should include the name and email address of the student or graduate.
  3. Requests for reciprocity should be directed to Ms. Catherine Bergman at
  4. When reciprocity is granted, an email message will be sent by the CPC to the law school career services office representative who made the request on behalf of the student/graduate.The student/graduate will be copied on the message.
  5. The term for reciprocity is three (3) months from the date of the email message from the CPC granting reciprocity.  Renewal requests are discouraged and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Students and graduates granted reciprocity will be provided remote access to job postings on Marquette's Symplicity website.  However, students will receive remote access to Symplicity only if their law school similarly offers remote access to job postings for Marquette University Law School students.  
  7. Students and graduates granted reciprocity have the option of visiting the CPC to access job postings and the CPC's library of career resources.  Under no circumstances will students/graduates be permitted to participate in on-campus interviews or meet with a member of the CPC professional staff for counseling/advising or document review.  Appointments to visit the CPC must be made at least one week in advance. In-office visits are not available from August 15th through October 15th.   
  8. The CPC reserves the right to terminate at any time reciprocity for any individual who misuses the services or facilities and to limit .
  9. The CPC reserves the right to revise this Reciprocity Policy at any time and without advance notice. 

Questions regarding Marquette University Law School's Reciprocity Policy may be directed to or 414.288.3313.