LRAP: New and Renewal Application Materials

  • Spring applications are due by June 15th
  • Fall applications are due by December 15th
  • Recipients must submit an application annually to be considered for a subsequent year’s funding.

Complete an online application. (For new and renewal applicants)

Be prepared to attach the following to your online application form:

  • Your most recent federal tax return. If you were not required a file one, submit a signed notarized statement declaring that by federal law you were not required a file, and did not file, a federal income tax return for the last tax year and therefore cannot supply a copy to the Law School LRAP Oversight Committee as required.
  • A completed Employer Certification Form
  • A completed Lender Certification Form. (Not required for renewal applications)

By implementing this program, Marquette University Law School makes no guarantees as to the future funding or permanent existence of this program.  The Law School reserves the right to terminate or modify the program or any of its provisions at any time.  Benefits will be paid only to the extent that funds are available and the program continues to exist.