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The Public Interest Law Society (PILS) is a student organization that works to support law students interested in exploring careers in public interest law. One primary goal of PILS is to raise funds for public interest law fellowships. Fellows are supported by the annual PILS Fest Celebration & Dinner for members of the Eckstein Hall community and the Howard B. Eisenberg Do-Gooders' Auction.

By supporting our 2023 auction, generous donors made it possible for:

26 law student fellows to provide

over 9,100 hours of legal aid

at 16 nonprofit and government agencies

valued at over $1,365,000.

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Meet Our 2023 PILS Fellows

Payton Altman

Payton Altman
Milwaukee Justice Center, Milwaukee, WI 

As a Summer Fellow, I worked alongside attorneys during the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinics and the Milwaukee Justice Center's Mobile Legal Clinics. My favorite part of the fellowship was working for such a great staff, who run incredible free clinics that make such a difference in Milwaukee.

Pils Summer Fellow

Alexis Bauer
Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office, Kenosha, WI
My work this summer allowed me to help victims who felt they didn't have a voice in the justice system. I was able to assist the attorneys on several cases from OWIs, to arson cases, and even sensitive crimes cases. I worked with both law enforcement and witnesses to prepare for trial to make sure the outcomes were fair and just.

Sienna Borchardt
Legal Action of Wisconsin, Volunteer Lawyers Project, Milwaukee, WI
This summer I got to experience a wide array of legal issues that affect persons in the Milwaukee area and the key takeaway I received was that no matter what problem people are facing, someone who listens to them and shows them respect goes a long way.

Victoria Dietel
West Allis City Attorney’s Office, West Allis, WI
I enjoyed being a part of an organization that works to better individual's lives on a city level, and I was able to see those lives changed through my work this summer.

Matthew Duffy
Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, Milwaukee, WI
Interning at the District Attorney's office through PILS was a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the community's well-being. This experience equipped me with practical skills while playing a role in upholding the law and ensuring justice prevailed in our local community.

Connor Gorrell
Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
My time at Legal Aid Society was the most rewarding professional experience of my career. The daily work allowed us to actively help Milwaukeeans who are in the most need, and the long-term projects were incredible opportunities to be a part of. They will make a difference in the city, for years to come. I am grateful to the PILS Fellowship for allowing such an amazing experience.

Colton Hanus
Wisconsin State Public Defender Milwaukee Juvenile Division, Milwaukee, WI
I had a positive impact on the individuals I worked with by actively listening and implementing legal strategies to help resolve their cases in accordance with their wishes. The knowledge and experience I gained this summer will have a profound and lasting impact on me and the way I practice law.

Markie Jacobson
Legal Action of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
I loved the work I did this summer because I was able to see the positive and direct impact it had on the client's life.

Ryan Johnson
Milwaukee Justice Center, Milwaukee, WI
The Milwaukee Justice Center does a great job helping the underserved citizens of Milwaukee, but I learned we will always have more work to do. Especially regarding eviction, where a disparity in housing availability and resources that regularly leaves the most vulnerable citizens of Milwaukee without safe and reliable housing.

Josiah Jordan
National Center for Youth Law, Washington D.C.
This summer I was able to see firsthand, how important it is to have individuals with diverse backgrounds work together when trying to combat injustice.

Morgan Kaplan
Legal Action of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

This summer I made a difference in the community by working with Legal Action to defend clients facing eviction. In addition to eviction defense, I have been able to work on affirmative cases for clients facing housing-conditions issues and lockouts. I have appreciated this opportunity to help clients find, or keep, safe and secure housing.

Kalei Kell
Lone Star Justice Alliance Austin, TX
I worked primarily in appeal work with those who had received life sentences as youths. Digging into their life and trauma and then meeting the client is a truly life changing experience.

John Letsch
U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
I worked with the U.S. Attorney's office to help promote justice and safety in Milwaukee by working on cases that dismantle large drug conspiracies, protect individuals from hate crimes, and help restore victims who have been harmed in violent crimes.

Benjamin Major
Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services, Milwaukee, WI
I was able to look clients in the eye and get an understanding of what they might need.

Samantha Mitchell
San Diego Public Defender’s Office, San Diego, CA
Working at the San Diego Public Defender's Office this summer taught me so much about how the criminal justice system operates differently in different states.

Nicholas Monday
Milwaukee Justice Center, Milwaukee, WI
I am grateful that my work at the Milwaukee Justice Center served to strengthen my passion and respect for the practice of law, my work ethic, my knowledge of various legal processes, and most importantly, my sense of empathy.

Ryan Monsevalles
Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, Brownsville, TX
I was able to help attorneys with civil rights and immigration issues, but most importantly, I was able to give back to the community that shaped me into the person I am today. My placement with TRLA helped me learn more about the struggles of my community while also finding ways to craft viable solutions.

Margaret Mullican
The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
The Housing and Eviction Free MKE team that I was a part of helped hundreds of people facing evictions in Milwaukee while I worked there over the course of the summer. I helped the team by conducting research on novel eviction defenses, drafting briefs and motions to the court, and observing court and client interviews.

Rachel Ninde
Legal Action of Wisconsin Eviction Defense Project, Milwaukee, WI

I was able to help low-income individuals maintain their housing security and prevent homelessness.

Carrie O’Neil
Centro Legal, Milwaukee, WI

This summer, while working with low-income clients in family law, I learned the importance of having compassion and empathy whenever working with a client. When showing clients that we were there to work with them and help them navigate the legal system, I knew I was making a difference.

Daniel Pope
The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
Working with the lawyers at Legal Aid demonstrated to me that advocating on behalf of Milwaukee society's disadvantaged residents is vital work that benefits the community.

Candice Sobczak
Milwaukee County Public Defender’s Trial Division Office. Milwaukee, WI
Assisting clients with their legal issues and hearing their backgrounds truly made me fall in love with my experience. The ability to see the look on someone's face after being able to successfully advocate on their behalf is an experience that has motivated me to pursue this line of work after graduation.

Emma Van Der Loop
Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, Milwaukee, WI
I appeared under the Student Practice Rule in Out of Custody Court to set bail and bail conditions for the District Attorney's Office. Here, I was able to assist the community by understanding and using discretion in setting bail and bail conditions. Additionally, I learned a lot about working for the state, was able to shadow several cases, write briefs and motions, and appear under the Student Practice Rule for pleas and sentencings.

Anika Van Rossum
The Wisconsin Greater Agency for Aging Resources, Madison, WI

Providing legal support to members of our community who are elderly and living with disabilities has allowed me to form relationships with so many wonderful people. Obviously supporting clients with their legal issues taught me a lot. However, clients simply appreciate having someone to talk to. Overall, I am pleased to have been able to serve clients by providing them with legal knowledge and a listening ear.

Liam Wilcox-Warren
Wisconsin Department of Justice, Madison, WI
I made a difference in the community by assisting immigrants to the United States to maintain their lawful status in this country. I especially enjoyed meeting with clients to help them complete forms and prepare for naturalization tests that included civics, history, and reading and writing skills.

Zach Zierson
Catholic Charities Refugee & Immigration Legal Services, Milwaukee, WI

I made a difference in the community by assisting immigrants to the United States to maintain their lawful status in this country. I especially enjoyed meeting with clients to help them complete forms and prepare for Naturalization tests that included civics, history, and reading and writing skills. Additionally, I appreciated working with clients who had diverse backgrounds that were different from my own. Finally, the internship exposed me to the needs of people within the United States to navigate a difficult legal system that challenges even a lifelong citizen to understand.