PILS Summer Fellows

This student organization works to continue funding fellowships for law students seeking public interest legal work experiences.

By supporting our 2020 auction, generous donors made it posible for:

25 law student fellows to provide

over 9,000 hours of legal aid

at 16 nonprofit and government agencies

valued at over $875,000

PILS Fellows work is done in service to individuals or groups of limited means. Fellows are supported by the annual PILSgiving Dinner for members of the Eckstein Hall community and the Howard B. Eisenberg Do-Gooders' Auction attended by over 400 guests who bid on over 200 items donated by local businesses and alumni. 

Summer Fellows

Pils Summer Fellow

Jacob Hilton
Riverside County Public Defenders - Murrieta, CA

My summer at the Riverside County Public Defenders office opened my eyes to the positive impact law can have on others' lives. My experience was so positive that it changed my life and redirected where I want to take my professional career.

Pils Summer Fellow

Lauren Jones
Judicare Wisconsin, Inc. - Wausau, WI

My summer internship at Judicare Wisconsin Inc. highlighted the importance of providing equal access to justice for northern Wisconsin residents, regardless of income. I saw how crucial affordable legal representation is and its impact on the outcomes of court proceedings and the lives of our clients and their families.

Pils Summer Fellow

Claire Barth
Disability Rights Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI

My summer internship with Disability Rights Wisconsin gave me a deeper understanding of the discrimination faced by people with disabilities and their families. It was inspiring to work alongside attorneys who compassionately advocate for those with mental and physical limitations.

Pils Summer Fellow

Suzanne Caulfield
Milwaukee Justice Center - Milwaukee, WI

My summer work with the Milwaukee Justice Center helped me fully appreciate the impact the MJC has in helping self-represented litigants get civil legal assistance. The MJC provides legal help to people who cannot afford to hire an attorney or do not qualify for other free legal aid. This experience has helped me see that there is great need in our community, and I will focus my education on trying to help.

Pils Summer Fellow

Natalie Probst
Catholic Charities of Milwaukee Refugee and Immigration Services - Milwaukee, WI

My summer working at Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services gave me the incredible opportunity of being able to work directly with clients and gain insight into the complexities of immigration law. In addition, the experience reaffirmed my desire to work in public interest and help members of my community.

Pils Summer Fellow

Zachery Zeichert
Milwaukee Justice Center - Milwaukee, WI

This summer I had the opportunity to work at the Milwaukee Justice Center. This experience opened my eyes to the day-day reality many members of our community face when trying to navigate the complex legal system. Many feel that the legal system does not work and that they have been forgotten about. This is why it was such a good feeling to see the impact free legal aid can have. I will strive to continue to positively impact every individual I encounter as my legal career progresses. Everyone deserves access to justice.

Pils Summer Fellow

Haley Wentz
Wisconsin State Public Defender, Milwaukee Juvenile/Mental Health Division - Milwaukee, WI

This summer I saw how young people in the criminal legal system are often talked down to or talked around. My goal while working as a public defender was to ensure these young people were listened to, advocated for, and respected. As I begin my legal career, I will continue to focus on this important goal.

Pils Summer Fellow

Annie Grove
Catholic Charities of Milwaukee Refugee and Immigration Services - Milwaukee, WI

This summer I worked with Catholic Charities of Milwaukee Refugee and Immigration Services where I assisted clients in completing and filing their immigration petitions. I was moved by several of the clients’ stories and happy that I could assist their families with an often complicated process.

Pils Summer Fellow

Abigail Plankey
Legal Action of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI

I spent my summer at Legal Action of Wisconsin helping clients from all over the state receive their unemployment benefits. I was able to assist clients so they could start receiving benefits as quickly as possible. Unemployment benefits are critical, especially now, and I hope to continue to provide meaningful assistance to my community throughout my legal career.

Pils Summer Fellow

Hannah Busch
Legal Aid Society, guardian ad litem office - Milwaukee, WI

My summer work with the guardian ad litem office of Legal Aid Society reaffirmed my decision to come to law school; my interest in this type of work is what brought me here in the first place. A guardian ad litem is exposed to many situations that people may not want to experience, but the rewards of working in the best interests of abused and neglected children are incredible.

Pils Summer Fellow

Matthew Baray
ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation - Milwaukee, WI

As a summer intern at the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to take an active role in addressing the legal challenges of COVID-19 by working to ensure equitable public education across Wisconsin. Additionally, I was able to address issues of racial injustice in Milwaukee. Overall, this internship allowed me to foster a deep connection to the greater Milwaukee community and advocate on its behalf.

Pils Summer Fellow

Maddie Bitto
Civitas Law Group - Milwaukee, WI

This summer at Civitas Law Group I learned the importance of client advocacy. Family law matters are extremely personal and stressful, so I experienced how an attorney working hard for a client can give them peace of mind.

Pils Summer Fellow

Emily Boylan
The Reentry Legal Services Project (formally DOES project) in Legal Action of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI

My summer work at Legal Action makes me proud to be a future lawyer. I'm glad I get to use my education to help guide clients through the complex legal system where they previously may not have had the same access to justice. I'm excited to continue with Legal Action and hopefully with public interest work for many years to come.

Pils Summer Fellow

Curtis Edwards
Wexford County Prosecutor's Office - Cadillac, MI

Working at the Wexford County Prosecutor's Office this summer highlighted the need for reform and change within the criminal justice system. Seeing the struggles criminal defendants faced firsthand convinced me that a more compassionate and understanding approach to criminal justice would be of great benefit to the public and defendants alike.

Pils Summer Fellow

Joe Furnstahl
Wisconsin Judicare - Wausau, WI

My summer working with the Indian Law office of Wisconsin Judicare allowed me to experience the unique legal landscape that governs Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and the complexities of trying to balance the influence of Tribal, State, and Federal law in a variety of scenarios. My summer showed me the special role Lawyers can play in furthering Tribal interests in the 21st century while often having to maneuver contradicting or troubling historical policies.

Pils Summer Fellow

Alexia Gianitsos
Legal Action of WI - Milwaukee, WI

This summer, I worked directly with clients to help them complete pardon applications, prepare for unemployment insurance appeals and remove other barriers to employment. This work was particularly important during this era of Covid-19. The pandemic has disproportionally affected Wisconsin's most vulnerable populations and Legal Actionof Wisconsin provided me with an avenue to directly relieve some of this burden.

Pils Summer Fellow

Jeffrey Jensen
Federal Defender Services, Inc. - Madison, WI

My summer at Federal Defender's Services of Wisconsin was the most valuable experience of my law school career so far. It was a chance to experience the criminal justice system first-hand--I was able to learn more about being a lawyer while doing work that makes a real difference in people's lives.

Pils Summer Fellow

Michelle Knapp
State Public Defender's Office, Milwaukee - Milwaukee, WI

This summer I worked with the Milwaukee Public Defender's Office. I am very grateful for my experience because I was able to not only learn, but also, assist those in our community. In addition, I was inspired by my supervising attorneys' passion to assist, listen to, and help others; and I strive to carry that same passion through my legal career.

Pils Summer Fellow


Wynetta McIntosh
The Women's Justice Institute - Chicago, Illinois

My summer work with the Women’s Justice Institute in Chicago gave me an opportunity to work directly with women in my community who are particularly impacted by the gender specific effects of the criminal justice system. Through WJI’s “gender responsive approach,” I was able to do extensive research and find means to ensure that these justice-involved women and their families have reliable and consistent support and safety.

Pils Summer Fellow

Felicia Owen
Office of the Governor Legal Counsel - Madison, WI

A felony conviction in Wisconsin can result in the loss of many job opportunities, housing opportunities as well as the right to run for public office. The Governor has the sole authority to grant pardons and restore those opportunities. Working with the Governor’s office and pardon applicants was one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences of my life.

Pils Summer Fellow

Alyssa Paulus
Kids Matter, Inc. - Milwaukee, WI

My summer at Kids Matter, Inc. allowed me to get a glimpse into how the law can be a barrier but with the right support can positively change people's lives. Even just a few hours assisting clients can change their whole future for the better and shows that even cases that are seemingly small can have a big impact on a person's life.

Pils Summer Fellow

Rachel Roberge
United States Attorney's Office Eastern District of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI

My fellowship at the United States Attorney's Office provided me with the opportunity to seek justice for victims. I will use the writing and advocacy skills I developed during my fellowship for the rest of my career.

Pils Summer Fellow

Payton Roberts
Milwaukee Justice Center - Milwaukee, WI

My summer at the Milwaukee Justice Center (MJC) reinvigorated my passion for ensuring that all citizens within our community, including those who cannot afford legal representation, still have access to the tools necessary to successfully navigate the legal system. My time at the MJC exposed me to just how great the need is for free and low-cost civil legal assistance within the Milwaukee area.

Pils Summer Fellow

Kathleen Russo
Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin - Madison, WI

Spending the summer in the office of the Federal Defender Services of WI impressed upon me the importance of constitutional rights, and more specifically, the constitutional right of all citizens to be represented in court against the might of the federal government. More than that, it was a daily reminder of the dignity of all people and my duty as a lawyer to appreciate and uphold that dignity.