PILS Summer Fellows

PILS Fellows sell raffle tickets to raise funds for fellowships.

Putting Excellence, Faith, Service and Leadership into action.

For over twenty years, Marquette University Law School has sponsored a summer fellowship program for students who accept unpaid summer internships in public interest settings. Fellows receive a $4,000.00 summer stipend to support their work on behalf of the common good. Fellows serve in a variety of legal services settings. 

Funding for the PILS Summer Fellowships is raised through our annual Auction sponsored each February by the Public Interest Law Society. Additional matching funds are provided through the Dean's discretionary account. Fellows are selected based upon a competitive application process. Fellows serve full time over the course of the summer in public interest law firms and affiliated governmental and non-governmental agencies. In addition to their summer service, fellows are expected to complete a reflection upon their experience at the end of the fellowship and provide at least twenty hours of service to the Public Interest Law Society during the following academic year.

For more information on the PILS Summer Fellows program, contact our PILS Student Presidents. 

Summer 2018:

23 PILS Fellows make a difference. See who they are and where they work.