Pro Bono Timesheet

Students have individualized accounts to log pro bono hours, view previously recorded hours, and view pro bono schedules for some projects (MVLC, MJC, & DV Injunctions).

  1. Go to
  2. Select "LOG IN" (Do NOT select "Create a New Account")
  3. Type the LONG version of your email address into the username field. Do not use any capital letters. 
  4. Copy and paste your email address into the password field.
  5. Just to reiterate: your username AND password are BOTH your email address -- and must be in all lowercase letters.
  6. After you log in, change your password as you wish. Do NOT change your username.
  7. Notice whether you are entering the time using "duration" or "end time."
  8. Hours are uploaded to the system each week. Your hours will not immediately appear. 

Alternatively, you may use a paper pro bono timesheet and the hours will be entered into your account for you. Submit the timesheet to the bin on the front desk of the Eisenberg Suite (138).

Questions or concerns? Contact the Assistant Dean for Public Service.