Special Eckstein Hall Policies

  1. Alcohol
  2. Chapel
  3. Classrooms
  4. Fitness Center
  5. Food Delivery
  6. Group Study Rooms
  7. Guests/Visitors in Eckstein Hall
  8. Leaving Items at the Welcome Desk
  9. Lockers
  10. Lost and Found
  11. Marquette University identification card (MUID)
  12. Mother’s Room
  13. Parking
  14. Quiet Space
  15. Smoking
  16. Student Kitchen
  17. Tory Hill Café
  18. Website


  • Alcohol products are prohibited from being brought into Eckstein Hall or onto the campus.
  • Alcohol purchased in the Tory Hill Café must be consumed in the Café; students may not leave the Café with an alcoholic beverage to drink it elsewhere in Eckstein Hall or on campus.​


The St. Edmund Campion Chapel is located on the fourth floor of Eckstein Hall. The Chapel is open to the Law School community for quiet reflection and meditation during building hours. The St. Thomas More Society holds Mass on the first Friday of each month at 7:30 am, and all are welcome to attend. The Law School also offers a monthly Mass; watch Law News for dates and times.


The doors to classrooms will unlock 15 minutes prior to a class start time, but the rooms are always accessible with your Marquette University ID (MUID).

Fitness Center

The fitness center is located on the fourth floor of Eckstein Hall and is available to the Law School community ONLY. To sign up for access to the fitness center or for additional information about the fitness center (including its policies), go here.

Food Delivery

Food delivery drivers are not allowed past the Welcome Desk gates. Individuals who order food must meet the driver in the lobby to pick up the order.

Group Study Rooms

Eckstein Hall has 15 group study rooms designed for groups of students who wish to study together or work together on group projects. More information regarding group study rooms, including how to book the rooms, can be found here.

Guests/Visitors in Eckstein Hall

Law students may have guests in Eckstein Hall, but please be aware of the following:

  • Guests must present a government issued ID with a photo to the Welcome Desk attendant. You must accompany your guest(s) at all times.
  • The Law School student must be present when signing in a guest(s).
  • Your guest(s) must follow Law School policies while in Eckstein Hall.
  • Your guest(s) may remain in Eckstein Hall when visitor hours have ended (8 pm Sunday–Thursday and 6 pm on Friday and Saturday) as long as they are registered at the Welcome Desk.

Leaving Items at the Welcome Desk

Welcome Desk staff cannot hold or deliver items to others. If someone will be picking something up from a student, that student will need to meet the person in the lobby to turn over the item.


Lockers are available to law students on a first- come, first-served basis for a small fee. Requests can be submitted by following the link on the student’s profile page when logged in to the Law School website. A locker will be assigned, and the combination will be available on your profile page within three business days of submitting the request.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items can be claimed from office 244B. Items of value (i.e. cell phones, cameras, music players, computers, etc.) can be claimed from the Student Services office suite, 238. If items are not found in 238 or 244B, individuals can check with the Welcome Desk, Tory Hill Café, or the Circulation Desk. Unclaimed items will be donated or disposed of at the end of each semester.

Marquette University identification card (MUID)

Your MUID is your key to Eckstein Hall. You will need your MUID to:

  • Enter through the security gates. If you misplace your MUID, you will need to stop at the Welcome Desk to be signed in. You will need to present a government issued ID with your photo.
  • Obtain access to study rooms, classrooms, the fitness center (if you have completed a fitness center agreement), photocopiers,
    and to check out material from the library.
  • Enter Eckstein Hall after 8 pm Sunday–Thursday, and after 6 pm on Friday and Saturday. Times change seasonally—check the webpage.
  • Gain access to the third and fourth floors:

    While classes are in session, the third and fourth floors are open to the Marquette community and general public Monday–Friday 7 am–4 pm. After 4 pm (Monday–Friday) and all day on Saturday and Sunday, these floors are accessible to the Law School community only by using your MUID card. During final exam and break periods (winter, spring, and summer breaks), the third and fourth floor are accessible only to the Law School community by using your MUID card. Dates and times are subject to change and will be communicated to the Law School community in advance.

    At all times, please do not admit others onto these floors unless you are sure they are law students. Please refer anyone with questions about accessing the third and fourth floors to the Welcome Desk.

    NOTE: If you lose your MUID, you will need to purchase a new one from the Marquette Card Office, located in Union Station, first floor of the Alumni Memorial Student Union.

Mother’s Room

A lactation room is available for mothers—room 463, next to the fitness center.


Simple rules to be a happy Eckstein Hall parking lot user

  • You must purchase a parking permit from the University Parking Office and have Eckstein Hall parking privileges added to your MUID to be eligible for parking on the Eckstein Hall parking levels.
  • Eckstein Hall parking levels fill quickly. Arrive on campus with the expectation that you will park in your assigned lot on campus and walk to Eckstein Hall. This guarantees a timely arrival for classes.
  • Church of the Gesu surface parking lot is NOT a Marquette Law School parking lot. If you park there at any time (day or night), you will be ticketed and possibly lose your Eckstein Hall parking privileges.
  • When entering the Eckstein Hall parking garage, do not pull a ticket unless you intend to pay for visitor parking. The only reason to pull a ticket is because your MUID is not working, cars have lined up behind you, and you cannot back up. In that case, pull the ticket, leave immediately by putting the ticket in the exit gate ticket machine, and go to your assigned lot. You have a seven-minute grace period to exit with the ticket you just pulled; after that you must pay the $30 parking fee. Your parking ticket will not be validated if you are in the lot more than seven minutes.
  • Please note that if your MUID does not work for parking, you will need to park in your assigned lot until the issue with your card can be resolved. You can email Parking Services directly to have your MUID fixed (supply your name, MUID number, and the type of parking you purchased for the semester), or you can report your issue to office 244B.
  • Complete policy
    Eckstein Hall parking structure policy serves two purposes: (a) to facilitate the parking of members of the public participating in certain Law School activities. Spaces will be set aside on a daily basis according to the number and types of Law School events; and (b) parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis to Law School students and employees who have paid for university parking. Violation of rules can result in losing parking privileges for an entire year.
  • Complimentary weekend parking is available on both levels to the Law School community (only). Use your MUID to scan in (do NOT pull a ticket).

Quiet Space

As you explore Eckstein Hall, you will find many hidden spaces for studying. The third and fourth floors, the gallery, and the Aitken Reading Room are intended for quiet study. When using these areas, you are asked to be respectful of the students studying there, especially when arriving and departing from class. If you need to take a phone call, please move to one of the stairwells to conduct your business. If you need to work as a group, please plan to use the first or second floor or reserve a study room.


Smoking is not allowed in any building or parking structure on the Marquette University campus. Smoking outside is limited to areas at least 25 feet from the entrance of any campus building or parking structure.

  • The following items are prohibited specifically in Eckstein Hall:
    • tobacco products (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc.)
    • smokeless tobacco, e.g. no chewing tobacco/spitting
    • electronic cigarettes
    • water pipes

Student Kitchen

The student kitchen is located on the first floor in room 159.

  • Refrigerators are provided for your use. Please label food and containers with your name. The refrigerators are cleaned out the first Friday of each month. Unless otherwise communicated, all items in the refrigerator at that time will be disposed of.
  • The kitchen is a self-cleaning kitchen: it is expected that kitchen users will clean up after themselves. Please be considerate of your fellow students: cover your food when using the microwave and clean up any spills that might occur.
  • Beverage and snack vending machines are also available in the kitchen. Report issues (e.g. machine is empty, product did not dispense, etc.) to either Marquette University Auxiliary Services 414.288.4636 or vending@marquette.edu or the Building Supervisor in 244B.

Tory Hill Café

The Tory Hill Café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the added bonus of an espresso bar that serves up exceptional lattes and mochas. Hours change seasonally. People bringing their own lunches are welcome to eat it in the Café. When the Café is closed, it can be used as study space.


The Law School website is full of helpful information, including, but not limited to:

  • class schedules
  • building hours
  • reserving study rooms
  • fitness center information
  • locker information
  • student organization information
  • the event calendar