Who To Contact

Listed below are some of the most common issues that generate questions from students, along with the person (or persons) who is best equipped to help. 

Question Contact Contact Information
Academic Regulations Dean Grossman nadelle.grossman@marquette.edu
Academic Advising Dean Fodor
Professor Pagel
Accommodations for a
Documented Disability
Dean Fodor anna.fodor@marquette.edu
Admission to the Bar Ms. Danz stephanie.danz@marquette.edu
Application for Graduation CheckMarq - Academics Tab https://checkmarq.mu.edu/
Change of Address CheckMarq https://checkmarq.mu.edu/
Class Recording Law School Media
& Technology
Curricular Advising Dean Fodor
Registrar Toerpe Mason
Diversity & Inclusion Dean Lindsey vada.lindsey@marquette.edu
Exam Conflicts Dean Fodor anna.fodor@marquette.edu
Exam Numbers Student Affairs lawstudentservices@marquette.edu 
Exam Software Requirements Law School Media
& Technology
Expense Reimbursement Law School Website
Director Plestina
Financial Aid Questions Marquette Central http://www.marquette.edu/mucentral/
Fitness Center Questions Mr. Manske benjamin.manske@marquette.edu
Graduation Requirements/
Senior Audit
Registrar Toerpe Mason nicole.toerpemason@marquette.edu
Graduation: Law School Hooding Ceremony Ms. DiStefano sarah.distefano@marquette.edu
Law News Weekly Announcements - Questions Ms. DiStefano sarah.distefano@marquette.edu
Law News Weekly Announcements - Submit an announcement Law School Website https://law.marquette.edu/news/submit-announcement-law-news​
Law School Application - Copy Ms. Danz stephanie.danz@marquette.edu
Leave of Absence Dean Fodor anna.fodor@marquette.edu
Letter of Good Standing Ms. Danz stephanie.danz@marquette.edu
Locker Malfunction Mr. Manske benjamin.manske@marquette.edu
Marquette ID Card Malfunction Mr. Manske benjamin.manske@marquette.edu
Notary Service Director Binns
Ms. Danz
Official Transcripts Office of the Registrar - Marquette Central http://www.marquette.edu/mucentral/registrar/grades_transcripts.shtml
Personal Concerns Dean Fodor anna.fodor@marquette.edu
Registration Registrar Toerpe Mason nicole.toerpemason@marquette.edu
Reserving a Table in the Zilber Forum
and Related Questions
Mr. Manske benjamin.manske@marquette.edu
Room Reservations/Event Planning Mr. LaFrombois jourdain.lafrombois@marquette.edu
Student Employment Ms. Geiser emma.geiser@marquette.edu
Student Organizations Ms. DiStefano sarah.distefano@marquette.edu
Unofficial Transcripts - Upload to Symplicity Ms. Danz stephanie.danz@marquette.edu
Waiting Lists Registrar Toerpe Mason nicole.toerpemason@marquette.edu