Electronic Exams - FAQ

Where do I go to get the software?

Students can visit https://www.examsoft.com/muls to download the latest version of the software for both Windows and Mac OS download. Our institution ID is: MULS

What is my password for Examplify and my exams?

Login changes every term for Examplify. Each term, you will receive an email with your username and password. Your password can be requested by visiting the ExamSoft website and clicking "Lost Student ID or Password?" You may use either your StudentID (including zeros) or your Marquette University email address, structured as firstname.lastname@marquette.edu, to change your password.

To access downloaded exam answer files, students will also have to enter individual exam passwords. The password for all practices exams is: marquettePasswords for individual final exams will be given at the time of the exam.

When is the deadline for installing Examplify?

All law students will receive a Law News Special Edition email with the Examplify installation/update instructions and deadline. The fall semester deadline is noon on November 17. Students are responsible for adhering to the deadline both for the dowload of Examplify and submission of the Final Coursework Student Agreement. This deadline is important as the technology staff is available during this window of time to assist should something go wrong during the installation. There is limited download support available to students after the deadline from the Media and Technology Group. 

I installed Examplify, but I do not see my exams. What do I do?

Exams answer files may not be available until the last week of the regular semester. Continue to check Examplify for updated exam files. If you are checking during or after the last week of classes, open the Examplify software by clicking the icon on your desktop. Sign in with your username (MUID) and password. If you do not know your password, click the "Forgot User ID/Password" link below the password box. Check your Marquette email, and write down your password. Follow the on-screen prompts and select the exams to download. Note: If you do not see the exam you need, contact mulawtech@marquette.edu.

Why do I need to do this each academic year?

All student data is purged at the conclusion of each academic year. You will need to request a new password and download exams and licenses each academic year.

I used the software last year. Do I need to install the latest version?

Yes, the software license expires on August 30th of each year.

What is the password for the practice tests?

  • The password for the practice tests is: marquette

  • The password for your final exams will be distributed in the classroom at exam time.

Where do I go to take my scheduled exam?

If you will be taking a scheduled exam this semester, room assignments will be posted in the Law News Special Edition email. Please plan to take note of the classroom you will be testing in before the day of your exam. Please note, 1L exam rooms are determined by the first letter of each student's last name. You must arrive to your assigned exam room 20 minutes early to receive instructions regarding technology and exam procedures.

What do I need to do before exams begin?

  • Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Make sure that your computer is up-to-date with all of the operating system updates.
  • Download & install the latest version of Examplify.
  • Submit the Final Coursework Student Agreement.
  • Download your exam answer files.
  • Take note of your unique four-digit final exam ID, which is available on your profile page of the Law School's website..
  • Identify your assigned exam room.

Are there deadlines for the any of the above items? 

Yes. Please monitor Law News for associated deadlines.

What if I can't figure out if my computer meets the system requirements for Examplify?

If you are not sure about the system requirements, assistance is available from the Media & Technology Group located in Eckstein Hall Room 218. We can assist you with updating your computer prior to the noted deadline date.

What is my final exam ID number and where can I find it?

Your final exam ID is a unique four-digit number that is available, beginning in November, on your individual directory page, when logged into the Law School's website. When completing exams, it is the only identifying information you should include anywhere on the exam. Your final exam ID is distinct from your MUID and any former midterm exam ID number that you may have used.

What happens on exam day?

  • You must be in the exam room 20 minutes prior to the start of the exam. 
  • Turn on your computer, plug in your charger, and open Examplify. 
  • Your proctor or a member of the Media and Technology group will visit the room before the start time to provide instructions for starting your exam in Examplify. 
  • Passwords for your final exams will be provided at the time of the exam.
  • Examplify will save your work every 60 seconds. 
  • When you have completed typing, submit your exam, and close Examplify. First-year students should follow proctor instructions.
  • After you close Examplify your network access is restored. Examplify will initiate the transfer/upload process.
  • You will receive a green confirmation screen and an email confirmation from Examplify indicating that you have successfully submitted your exam. If you do not receive this screen, make sure that your computer has reconnected to wifi -- you may have to manually reconnect. If you still do not receive a green confirmation screen and an email confirmation, visit room 218 for assistance.

What happens if something goes wrong while typing the exam?

  • Per the student agreement:
    • "If I encounter any issues with my exam/final coursework or my ability to complete it, I understand that I will NOT contact my professor because doing so may jeopardize anonymity in violation of the Law School Academic Regulations."
    • "If I encounter any technology issues during my exam, I understand that I should bring my computer to suite 218 (or call Media and Technology at 414.288.8000 for take-home exams). If my exam is being proctored, I will notify the proctor that I am going to suite 218 for technical assistance."
  • If technical support is not able to produce satisfactory results, you will finish the exam by writing in a bluebook. An attempt will be made, after submitting the completed hand written exam, to recover the incomplete exam from your hard drive. If the incomplete exam cannot be retrieved within 24 hours, the assistant dean of students, in consultation with the professor, will determine remedial options. 
  • Time taken to provide troubleshooting for students who did not complete the required steps in advance is time that is lost from the exam. The exam period will not be extended to accommodate technical troubleshooting for those students.

What keys and functions are disabled during a Examplify session?

  • All Function Keys: F1-F12
  • Right-Click and Double-Click-All: functions can be executed by using the pull-down menus.
  • Start Menu Button
  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete: Examplify disables the Ctrl-Alt-Delete key sequence manual restart function. 

What word processing features are included?

  • All basic editing functions are included.
  • Spell check may be enabled at your professor's request. 
  • Caution is recommended when using the cut and paste function.

Can I check out a laptop from the library to use Examplify?

Students should not plan or rely on the ability to check out a laptop or charger from the library or the Media and Technology Group to take exams. If you have an unexpected issue with your computer, please contact Media and Technology Group to determine if the issue is fixable. Please contact the Dean Fodor if you do not have access to a computer during exams.

Do I use Examplify for take-home exams?

No, students with take-home exams will utilize a web-based platform of their professor's choosing to download their exam files and upload their answer files.

What if I have other questions about exam technology?

Contact the Media and Technology Group at mulawtech@marquette.edu or stop by room 218.