Printing, Faxing, & Scanning in the Law School

image of printer

PrintWise is the campus-wide network print solution which provides the Marquette community with fast, secure, cost-effective, quality laser printing.

  1. Where are PrintWise locations in Eckstein Hall?
    PrintWise stations are located on every floor in the building. You can refer to the copier locations on the library map.
  2. How do I pay for printing/What is my PrintWise allocation?
    Each registered student receives a $14.00 allocation (200 black and white pages at .07 per page or 140 double-sided pages at .10 per page), called the PrintWise account, on his/her MarquetteCard. This allocation is provided each academic year and the funds are active until the end of the last summer session. Unused allocations are removed at the end of each academic year and are non-transferable to other cardholders. Additional allocations may be provided to cardholders by individual colleges based upon college major and/or program requirements.

    Graduate Assistants are given a special allocation once they are granted a position; the allocation is provided to help with printing costs associated with working for a Department as a Teaching Assistant.

    If an allocation is depleted, printing costs will be deducted from the cardholder's MarquetteCASH account. Additional funds can be added to the MarquetteCASH account at various locations across campus and on-line. Visit for additional information.
  3. Can I scan a document from the printer?
    Scanning is also advantageous. When you copy a document and get a hard copy, you waste paper. Save on paper, and e-mail the scanned document to yourself at no charge. Scanning instructions.
  4. How do I send a fax from the Law School?
    Students are able to use the University's Enterprise Fax system to send faxes. Enterprise Fax uses email and the item to be faxed must be in an electronic format. Enterprise Fax instructions.
  5. Something is wrong with the printer, whom do I contact?
    If you encounter a problem with any of the print stations, report the issue with the law library Circulation Desk. The staff can investigate the problem, or report it to IT Services.