Technology Orientation

The Law School Website

The Law School website is home to a variety of resources of value to students. There are both public (everyone can view the pages) and private (must be logged in to view) pages. The website is the Law School's primary method of delivering information to students.

The Law School website provides secure access to confidential resources such as locker information, course materials, student photo and email directories, and website editing resources.

Log in to

Click on the "Sign In" link at the top of any Law School web page.
Your credentials for the Law School web page are your Marqnet username and password. this is the same username and password you use to check Marquette email, or log into Checkmarq.

After logging in to the website successfully you will be presented with a post login page with links to various secure resources.

Student Directory

A link to the student directory is located on the Directory section of the website. You may search for a student's first or last name in the search dialog box , or use the index at the top or bottom of the page. Students may see their classmates e-mail addresses and photos. Only the student logged in will see more information on his/her profile. To view your own profile page, search for your name in the student directory. Viewing your own profile displays your photo, e-mail, address information, as well as other information.

Request a locker

You may request a locker by clicking the "Request a Locker" link located on your online profile page. Students will receive an email with their locker number and combination. Questions regarding lockers can be directed to Jenny Chick.

Faculty course pages

Student may locate reading assignments, required texts, and in some cases, additional course materials with attached documents. Course pages are linked from the individual faculty profile. Locate your professor's profile here, or visit the courses and materials section of the website.