Jesuit Mission In Education

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The service of faith through the promotion of justice is the mission that must be integrated as a priority into each Jesuit work.

Our purpose in education, then, is to form men and women "for others." The Society of Jesus has always sought to imbue students with values that transcend the goals of money, fame and success. We want graduates who will be leaders concerned about society and the world in which they live. We want graduates who desire to eliminate hunger and conflict in the world and who are sensitive to the need for more equitable distribution of the world's goods. We want graduates who seek to end sexual and social discrimination and who are eager to share their faith with others.

In short, we want our graduates to be leaders-in-service. That has been the goal of Jesuit education since the sixteenth century. It remains so today.

- Peter Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.
Superior General of the Society of Jesus

As a Jesuit institution, Marquette University stands within a centuries-old tradition of values education. This Jesuit mission is well known for its emphasis on development of the whole person, concern for justice, and commitment to public service. This tradition of values education is prized by many individuals who choose a Jesuit school over other, often less expensive and in some cases more highly ranked, alternatives.

As one of fourteen Jesuit Law Schools in the United States, Marquette Law School benefits from this rich heritage. Both Rev. Robert Wild, S.J., recent former President of Marquette University, and Distinguished Professor of Law Janine Geske, have articulated the Jesuit mission specifically for the Law School. Together, these texts provide a powerful vision for the Law School community as well as a clear description of those qualities that distinguish Marquette University Law School from other law schools.

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