Marquette Law Mentorship Program

All first-year law students and transfer students are invited to participate in the Marquette Law Mentorship (MLM) program, supported by the Office of Student Affairs. Participating students gain an immediate connection to a second- or third-year law student serving as a guide to making a successful transition to Marquette University Law School. New students are matched with an upper-class mentor based on academic interests, shared experiences, hometowns, hobbies, and/or other common interests. Mentors help welcome their mentees and guide them to the academic, social, and professional resources available to them, helping them quickly integrate into the Law School community.

Starting law school is an exciting, but daunting, endeavor. If we have learned anything from the past few years, we have learned the importance of support in difficult times. We hope to see MLM relationships benefit from the convenience of online communication as well as the value of physical gatherings. MLM’s mission is to generate a sense of community and support among law students now, with the hope that it will continue long after our time at Marquette. We plan to do this by utilizing both the program’s scheduled events as well as encouraging the development of natural relationships between mentors and mentees. As part of MLM, participants have the benefit of ready-made law student connections and the support of the program, as a whole.

Program Details & Application