Heritage Dinners

Since its inception, the Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education has been a place where critical thinking and discussions occur. Traditionally held in the grand room bearing its name in Eckstein Hall, this objective has been expanded with the addition of Derek Mosley as director of the center. Given his love of community and cuisine, Derek hopes to bring Milwaukeeans of diverse backgrounds and cultures together to listen, learn, and find fellowship with one another.

In furtherance of that goal, the Lubar Center began hosting Heritage Dinners, the first of which was held at Turner Hall during Black History Month. America's Black Holocaust Museum and Black Lens MKE of Milwaukee Film co-hosted the eventFor the Soul: A Narrated Food Tasting and Conversation explored the rich history of African American food culture.  Local African American chefs prepared dishes originally introduced to America by enslaved Africans.

In May, the center hosted a dinner to honor Asia American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, partnering with ElevAsian to feature Chinese, Lao, Hmong, Filipino, and Indian dishes.

For Latino Heritage Month in September, we joined with HPGM to focus on Cuban, Peruvian, Puerto Rican, Mexican/Oaxacan, Salvadoran, and Spanish culinary fare that have become staples of the American palate. The chefs also provided the attendees with a narrated history of these foods.

In November, the Native American Heritage Dinner celebrated the culture of Wisconsin’s tribal nations in coordination with Wild Bearies, a nonprofit that strives to bring ancestral foods to communities in a nurturing and nourishing way.

Our motto is: Meet someone, learn something, and try everything

Like all the programs hosted by the Lubar Center, everyone is welcome to attend the heritage dinners. Each evening has been a sought-after ticket, proving we can set aside differences and find solidarity, particularly when food is involved.

2024 Heritage Tasting Dinner Schedule:

February 18 African American Heritage Tasting Dinner | Marquette University Law School

May 19 Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Tasting Dinner | Marquette University Law School