Milwaukee Area Project: Events

The Milwaukee Area Project (, October 25, 2017

Attracting and Retaining Young Professionals in MilwaukeeSeptember 10, 2021

Mike Gousha will be looking at efforts to slow the “brain drain” in Milwaukee and at what needs to be done to attract and keep young talent in the city. Previous reporting by the Lubar Center’s Milwaukee Area Project has shown the city losing thousands of young workers to other metropolitan areas. The Milwaukee Common Council created a millennial task force to address the problem.

Milwaukee’s ThriveOn Collaboration, September 9, 2021

Mike Gousha will focus on a bold, new investment on Milwaukee’s north side, an area that had recently experienced decades of disinvestment. The ThriveOn Collaboration, as it is known, was established by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF), the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), and the Royal Capital Group (RCG). The project will see the former Gimbels-Schuster’s department store on King Drive redeveloped, with the building becoming the new home of the GMF. It will also house MCW’s community engagement programs. Working with neighborhood groups, the partners have identified key community priorities and will make strategic investments in the health, equity, and economic well-being of people, beginning with the neighborhoods adjacent to the new development.

Policing and Accountability—A Community Conversation, March 10, 2021

Cities around the country have been rocked by incidents of police using deadly force. The deaths have led to protests, heightened tensions between police and community members, and raised concerns about how deadly-force cases are handled by authorities. On March 10, join Marquette University Law School’s Lubar Center for a virtual conference that will explore two key questions facing Wisconsin: what can be done to improve relations between law enforcement and the community, and what does the law tell us about how deadly-force incidents are investigated and charged?

What is Being Learned in K–12 Education in this Difficult Year, March 2, 2021

In the past year, school districts everywhere have faced an unparalleled educational emergency. The pandemic put a spotlight on challenges long faced by schools and forced school leaders to adapt in rapid and sweeping ways. On March 2, join Marquette University Law School’s Lubar Center and the Marquette University College of Education for a virtual conference, involving two conversations that will explore the challenges and opportunities within K–12 education.

Reggie Moore on Violence in Milwaukee, February 26, 2021

Mike Gousha will be talking with Reggie Moore, director of the Milwaukee Health Department’s Office of Violence Prevention. The year 2020 was a violent one in Milwaukee and many other cities across the United States. The city witnessed 189 homicides, which is a new record and nearly twice as many as the previous year. How do we explain this surge in violence, and what can be done to address it?

Justice in the Time of Covid, January 22, 2021

This virtual event will focus on the efforts of those in the justice system to carry out their responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the system responded to the many challenges posed by the health crisis? Has justice continued to be delivered in a timely manner, and what lessons have been learned in the last year that could be useful in the future?

Forward 48, January 13, 2021

The city of Milwaukee has long benefited from civic-minded individuals who have sought to improve the quality of life for its residents. In this virtual “On the Issues” event, Mike Gousha will talk with Ian Abston and Michael Hostad, who have been instrumental in numerous innovative organizations such as Newaukee, The Commons, and the Hoan Group. They were also responsible for the Light the Hoan project, which brought new light and life to the city’s iconic Hoan Bridge. Abston’s and Hostad’s latest effort is called Forward 48, which they describe as “the region’s premier leadership development program.” Participants from the inaugural class will also join the conversation to discuss their experiences.

Amy Lindner, United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County, December 2, 2020

In this virtual “On the Issues” event, Mike Gousha will talk with the president and CEO of the United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County, Amy Lindner. Even in normal times, thousands of residents of metropolitan Milwaukee face serious challenges: health concerns, educational roadblocks, and financial struggles. But these are not normal times. The impact of COVID-19 has added new stress to many people's lives and highlighted inequalities in the metro area. How is the United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County addressing these pressing issues, and how is the community faring during this difficult year?

Who Owns the House next door:—A half-day conference, October 21, 2020

When the Great Recession hit the United States in 2008, it led to massive foreclosures and a new opportunity for Wall Street investors. They purchased thousands of homes, which were then rented. In his book Homewreckers, Aaron Glantz reports on what happened and how that has fundamentally reshaped the housing market in American cities. John Johnson, research fellow at the Law School’s Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education, will expand on work previously done by the Lubar Center’s Milwaukee Area Project, which found a dramatic decline in owner occupancy in Milwaukee and a sharp increase in properties owned by people who live outside the city. Common Council President Cavalier Johnson will discuss what the city is doing to address these issues, and what the decline in owner occupancy has meant for Milwaukee neighborhoods.

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley, June 10, 2020

New Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley will discuss his vision for the state’s largest county as well as the realities that will help shape it. The thirty-four-year-old state representative scored a narrow victory in the April election, becoming the first African American in county history to hold the position. Crowley says his goal is to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Milwaukee City Development Commissioner Lafayette Crump, August 26, 2020

Mike Gousha will be talking with Lafayette Crump, City of Milwaukee commissioner of city development. A lawyer and businessperson, Crump became the city’s new development commissioner earlier this summer, upon the retirement of Rocky Marcoux. In recent years, Milwaukee has seen billions of dollars in investment in the downtown area. Crump wants to build on that, increasing investment throughout the city. He has made advancing racial equity in Milwaukee one of his priorities.