Diploma Privilege

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Marquette University Law School prepares its graduates to practice wherever they wish, including states that require bar exams. Marquette University Law School J.D. graduates who meet character and fitness standards are admitted to the practice of law in the state of Wisconsin without having to take the bar examination, thus qualifying for admission to the bar as well as to the federal courts in Wisconsin. 

The diploma privilege is the Wisconsin Supreme Court rule that permits J.D. graduates of ABA accredited law schools located within the state of Wisconsin to be admitted to the practice of law in Wisconsin without having to take a bar exam based upon: 1) the receipt of the J.D. degree and 2) meeting the requirement as to the character and fitness to practice law.

In other words, Marquette University Law School J.D. graduates are admitted to the bar in the state of Wisconsin, while remaining eligible to sit for the bar exam in all other states. In addition, admission to the Wisconsin bar by diploma privilege qualifies our graduates to work in most Federal government positions and meet JAG Corps requirements.  It is also possible, upon meeting criteria particular to other states, graduates may qualify for reciprocal bar admission. 

For students who plan to take an out-of-state bar examination after graduation, our Bar Success Program provides supplemental workshops, one-on-one counseling, mock exams, and other support to students studying for a bar examination. Bar Exam Foundations 1 and Bar Exam Foundations 2 courses are offered and counseling to students who are considering taking a bar exam is offered.