Events Near You

Representatives for Marquette University Law School attend events across the nation--both in person and virtually--to bring information to you.  We hope that we might have the opportunity to meet you!
(Last updated 08/17/2023.)

Date Event Location  Details
9/6/2023 MINK Law Fair Overland Park, KS Details
9/9/2023 Boston Law Fair Boston, MA Details
9/13/2023 UT-Dallas [SWAPLA] Richardson, TX Details
9/14/2023 Central State University Wilberforce, OH Details
9/18/2023 UT-Austin [SWAPLA] Austin, TX Details
9/19/2023 Carthage College Kenosha, WI Details
9/20/2023 Marquette University {non-tech day} Milwaukee, WI Details
9/20/2023 Marquette University {tech day} Milwaukee, WI Details
9/22/2023 National HBCU Pre-Law Summit & Law Expo Washington, DC Details
9/23/2023 LSAC Forum - Chicago Chicago, IL Details
9/30/2023 LSAC Forum - Miami Miami, FL Details
10/2/2023 University of Minnesota - Twin Cities [MAPLA] Minneapolis, MN Details
10/4/2023 UW-Madison Law Fair [MAPLA] Madison, WI Details
10/5/2023 University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign [MAPLA]    Urbana, IL Details
10/6/2023 LSAC Forum - Atlanta Atlanta, GA Details
10/6/2023 University of Indiana - Bloomington [MAPLA] Bloomington, IL Details
10/9/2023 Washington DC Law School Fair Washington, DC Details
10/11/2023 LSAC Digital Forum - JD Online Details
10/13/2023 LSAC Forum - New York New York, NY Details
10/14/2023 LSAC Forum - New York New York, NY Details
10/15/2023 Latino Justice New York, NY Details
10/18/2023 Miami University Law Fair Oxford, OH Details
10/18/2023 University of Dayton Dayton, OH Details
10/26/2023 The University of Arizona [WAPLA] Tuscon, AZ Details
10/27/2023 Arizona State University [WAPLA] Tempe, AZ Details
10/27/2023 Phi Alpha Delta Law Fair Arlington, VA Details
10/28/2023 LSAC Forum - Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Details
10/30/2023 University of Nevada - Las Vegas [WAPLA] Las Vegas, NV Details
11/14/2023 LSAC Digital Forum  - JD Online Details
11/18/2023 National Black Pre-Law Conference (Boston) Boston, MA Details
11/18/2023 LSAC Forum - San Francisco San Francisco, CA Details
11/20/2023 American Model United Nations Chicago, IL Details