Financial Aid Notification and Acceptance

Financial Aid Notification (FAN):

All Financial Aid Notifications (FANs) are sent electronically. Students should refer to the Financial Aid Guide for explanation of the FAN, including procedures for responding to the award, how assistance will be delivered, and details on the rights and responsibilities students have when accepting any financial aid.

When an admitted student’s FAN can be accessed online, they will receive notification via their Marquette University Microsoft 365 email account. We recommend that admitted students check their Microsoft 365 accounts regularly (or alternatively, that one forward one’s Microsoft 365 mail to one’s primary email account). Initial offers and any subsequent changes will be available on one’s CheckMarq account.

Acceptance of aid offer:

Once logged in to one’s CheckMarq account, follow these easy steps to view and accept one’s offer:

  • Click/tap the Financial Aid tile in CheckMarq Student Home
  • Click/tap the Accept/Decline Aid heading
  • Click/tap the Accept/Decline Aid link
  • Accept any loan assistance that one wishes to borrow
  • Read all notifications for additional guidance and information regarding any other required documents
  • Click Offer Notification to print a copy of the FAN, if one wishes to retain a copy for one’s records

Other steps which may be necessary:

Questions or concerns about your loans?

Marquette Central is your primary resource for student financial services, including the Office of Student Financial Aid, the Office of Student Loan Accounts, and the Office of the Bursar.

If you have remaining questions please contact Marquette Central directly at (414) 288-4000. To ensure privacy, an admitted student will be required to provide their Marquette ID and their Marquette Central Access Number (MCAN)