Grades & Graduation

The undergraduate colleges base their calculations for academic honors on all credits earned toward the bachelor’s degree, including all Law School credits completed through the term in which the students satisfy all undergraduate degree requirements.

The undergraduate colleges accept for credit all Law School classes in which the student earns at least a grade of D, the minimum necessary to earn credit for a course in the Law School. If a student were to earn a grade lower than D in the first year of Law School, that student, in order to earn the bachelor's degree must make up those credits. This may be done by retaking the Law School course (as required by the Law School), or by taking an undergraduate course that fulfills credit requirements for the undergraduate college.

Normally, Scholars walk through the May graduation ceremony. However, because Law School grades are not posted until June, Pre-Law Scholars do not receive their diploma for their bachelor’s degree until the summer of the fourth year. Students may be eligible to graduate earlier if they complete the minimum course and credit requirements prior to this time.