Housing Options and Tips and Hints

Welcome to Marquette University Law School. The Office of University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services (part of the Office of Residence Life) exists to assist current and prospective Marquette students in their search for apartment housing on and around the Marquette campus. The Marquette neighborhood and the Greater Milwaukee community provide a variety of housing options for law students and families. We are pleased to point you to resources that we hope will inform your search for housing during your time at Marquette Law School.

General Information

Marquette University provides a comprehensive, searchable website to help you locate appropriate housing around the Marquette campus. This website is the primary resource students use to find housing in the near-Marquette neighborhood. We encourage you to note that properties viewed on the map within the blue dashed line fall within the Marquette University Police Department patrol area. The site not only lists a majority of the properties located in the immediate Marquette neighborhood, but it also offers useful information on safety, budgeting, and campus and community resources. You may access our website at http://www.marquette.edu/offcampus/. Follow this link to Rent College Pads for the property listings near our campus.

If you are interested in living in a University-owned apartment, please visit www.marquette.edu/apartments and complete an application via the web form. University Apartments feature a variety of apartment types and amenities. University Apartments include Campus Town East and West, Gilman, Frenn, and McCabe Apartments. The Marq is the newest addition to the University Apartments collection and has space available for law students. Questions regarding the University Apartments can be directed to (414) 288-7281 or apartments@marquette.edu

General Milwaukee Information

Landlord Links & Contact Information - Marquette area Websites

Please be aware that Marquette University does not endorse or inspect any properties other than our own, and that we provide these links solely as a resource for students.


  • Sovereign Apartments, (414) 933-5553 (studios, 1 & 2 bedrooms)
  • Cedar Square Apartments, (414) 931-9677 (various properties)
  • Richter Realty, (262) 789-2200 (studios and 1 bedrooms)
  • St. James Court, (414) 350-6601 or 414-467-9638 (1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments)
  • Mike Moriarty, (414) 344-1630 (studios)
  • St. James Estates, (715) 754-3333 or (414) 526-0757 (various properties)
  • Joseph Ziino (262) 783-4024 (1 & 2 bedroom apartments on Milwaukee's East Side)

Landlord Links - Downtown, East side, and Wauwatosa (outside of the immediate Marquette neighborhood)

If you need assistance with your search, have special housing needs, or have questions about the Milwaukee area, please feel free to call the Office of University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services at (414) 288-7281 or email apartments@marquette.edu

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