Marquette University Web Portal (CheckMarq) And E-Mail

CheckMarq and Email
It is absolutely essential that admitted students become familiar with CheckMarq, Marquette University's portal website, and Microsoft 365, the University's email system.

How does one access CheckMarq?
To access both CheckMarq and Microsoft 365, an admitted student will need the following information:

Username - This term is sometimes written as User Name. It is not case sensitive.
Password - This is an eight digit/letter password that is case sensitive.

How does one know one's username and password?
An admitted student will receive their username and password from Marquette University's Information Technology (ITS) Services via email, at the primary email address listed on the application for admission, shortly after being offered admission to the Law School. In that same email message, an admitted student receives their Marquette ID number (MUID) and their email address. One's username, MUID number, and email address do not change. However, one can change one's assigned password the first time that one enters CheckMarq ( A password may be reset at The password assigned to an admitted student is exactly as shown in the email from IT Services. If one's username and password are not known, see "Problems" below.

Why is it essential for incoming students to become well familiar with CheckMarq and eMarq?
Here are just a few reasons:

  • CheckMarq is the portal one uses to view and accept financial aid, and in future semesters, register for classes and check grades.
  • Once the Law School registers incoming students for fall semester classes, one may use it to view one's class schedule and order texts online through the Book Marq.
  • A popular feature of CheckMarq is the Campus Downloads section. Students can download free anti-virus software and Printwise software.
  • The University's email system, Microsoft 365, is used to communicate with students on a regular basis. An admitted student's account is already active. To access one's account, go to Information about the Law School's Orientation program will be sent to incoming students' eMarq accounts in early August.
  • Most communications from the Marquette University Office of Student Financial Aid and Office of the Bursar will exclusively be sent via the Microsoft 365 mail system. This includes notification about your financial aid and tuition billings. Such notifications will not be mailed via USPS nor will they be emailed to any outside email system.

One will need a username and password to enter CheckMarq and access one's email account; remember: admitted students receive this information from IT Services. The Law School does not have access to admitted students' usernames and passwords. If you have lost or misplaced your username and password, please contact the IT Services Tech Squad directly by phone: (414) 288-7799, by email:, or in person: Raynor Library, First Floor.

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