Undergraduate Curriculum

A typical bachelor’s degree program at Marquette consists of: the Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC), undergraduate college curricular requirements, major requirements, and electives. In your first three years of the Pre-Law Scholars program, you will complete the Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC), undergraduate college curricular requirements, and your major requirements. You will save the majority of your electives until your fourth year, when you begin your studies in the Law School.

The courses you take in that first year of law school serve as the final elective courses of your bachelor’s degree and the first year courses for your Juris Doctor degree. You are essentially applying the credits for the courses you take in your first year of law school twice. Your bachelor’s degree will be conferred at the conclusion of the first year of law school. Please be aware that though you may celebrate undergraduate graduation at the May ceremony, your diploma will be issued in August due to the Law School’s exam grading schedule.

Suggested Undergraduate Majors

Any undergraduate major can offer appropriate academic preparation to enter law school. Students are not limited to particular majors. It may be difficult to complete Pre-Law Scholar course prerequisites for some majors by the third year of the six-year program. If necessary, students may extend their program to the traditional seven year program. Students should consult regularly with their prelaw and academic advisers to ensure they remain on track to complete undergraduate degree requirements.


A key to your success is a sound advising system. We realize that we are asking you to make a significant academic and life decisions relatively early in your college education. We intend to work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are confident in and happy with your decision to be in this program and to attend law school. Through regular discussions with your Pre-Law Scholars adviser and/or the Law School’s admissions staff, we can help you to ask questions of yourself, to reflect upon your academic and social experiences, to continue to evaluate your progress in the program and to help you identify and consider options available to you such as study abroad and internships.

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