Sports Facility Reports, Volume 20 (2019)


  1. 2019 Sports Facility Reference List
  2. Sports Facility Economic Reports, Reviews and Studies since 2000
    • ​​A list of publicly available economi impact reports, reviews and studies related to sports facilities since 2000.
  3. Sports Facility Referenda 1990-2019
    • ​​A review of the results of referenda related to sports facilities since 1990.
  4. Comparison of Team Values, 2000-2018
    • ​​A report on the values of sports facilities and how they have changed since 2000.
  5. Professional Sports League Team Relocation History, 1950-2018
    • A database of professional sports team relocation since 1950.

LEASE SUMMARIES (Updated 2018)


The following reports were compiled from information found on team and league websites, news sources available on LEXIS, Westlaw, general webbased metasearches, and other general research. Each report is intended to provide information on facility and team financing for teams within the various sports and leagues covered.

Editorial Staff:

  • Professor Paul M. Anderson, Creator, Editor & Designer, NSLI Director
  • Professor Matthew J. Mitten, NSLI Executive Director
  • Editors and Contributors, Andrew Mentzer (L'20) and Rae-Anna Sollestre (L'20)
  • Contributors to Volume 18: Casey Campos (L'21), Jack Faulkner (L'21), Breanna Moe (L'21), Elizabeth Reinowski (L'21), Charles Twohy (L'21), and Lindsey Zucker (L'21).

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