Enrollment Checklist


Enrollment Checklist

Prior to your enrollment at Marquette University Law School, there will be many matters to consider and take care of. Some of these actions are required. Be sure to check this list for additions and updates over the coming months.

Final Confirmation of Enrollment - Required

All students enrolling in the Fall 2019 entering class must submit a Final Confirmation of Intent to Enroll form.  This hard-copy form will been mailed to all incoming students by early July.  This signed form must be received in the Office of Admissions by a deadline in late July, exact date to be determined. Please contact the Office of Admissions at 414-288-6767 if you cannot locate this form.

Final Undergraduate Transcript - Required

All students enrolling in the Fall 2019 entering class must submit a final, official, undergraduate transcript, noting degree conferral. An offer of admission is conditioned upon the Law School Admission Council receiving this official document by August 1.
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Financial Responsibility Agreement- Required

The Office of the Bursar requires all students to read and agree to a statement of financial responsibility before the Law School can complete the registration process. Accordingly, students must submit the Financial Responsibility Agreement in order to have their class schedules finalized in early August. (Note: This summer, the Law School's Office of Student Affairs will send further details about the Financial Responsibility Agreement via email to all deposit-paid students.)

Marquette University Immunization History - Required

In the interests of keeping individual students and the campus community healthy, all enrolling students at Marquette University are required to provide proof of certain immunizations and to complete a screening instrument for tuberculosis.
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Academic Regulations Student Agreement - Required

All students are required to confirm that they have reviewed the Law School Academic Regulations, which govern students during their time at Marquette University Law School. (Note: This summer, the Law School's Office of Student Affairs will send further details about the Academic Regulations Student Agreement via email to all deposit-paid students.)

Student Health Insurance

It is highly recommended that all law students carry health insurance. As a result of the Affordable Care Act, many law students are entitled to coverage through age 26 under health care policies purchased by their parents. Law students who otherwise lack access to health insurance may purchase policies through health insurance exchanges. Further information may be found on the website of Marquette University’s Office of Risk Management.

Expenses associated with health insurance coverage, on a case by case basis, may be considered for inclusion in your financial aid budget if you find your current student loan package is insufficient to cover these expenses. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for further information.

Parking Passes

Law students will have priority to purchase University parking passes online. Parking permit sales typically begin in mid-July each year.

The Wells Street Structure (a.k.a. Structure 2) is nearby the Law School (approx. two-block walk). Purchase of a University parking permit is required for access to the student/staff parking level of Eckstein Hall.  Please note that while you must purchase a permit to park in Eckstein Hall on the weekdays, it is not possible to purchase a parking permit specifically for Eckstein Hall.  You will purchase a permit for Structure 2, and daily parking availability in Eckstein Hall will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, please review the Eckstein Hall Parking Policy.