Library Liaisons List

For every full-time faculty member, the library identifies a librarian who serves as that person's liaison with the library. The liaison program envisions a cooperative and collaborative professional relationship between faculty and librarians.

Current List

Faculty Member Librarian
Anderson Olson / Jaet
Anzivino Mumm
Bay Smith
Blemberg O'Brien
Blinka Behroozi
Boyden O'Brien
Bradford Olson / Jaet
Carpenter Darin
Cervenka Olson
Edwards Olson
Ellis Darin
Fallone O'Brien
Geske Olson / Mumm
Grenig Darin
Grossman Olson
Hammer Behroozi
Hammons Behroozi
Idleman Mumm
Julien Olson
Kearney Olson
Kircher Olson
Lemann Darin
Lindsey Olson / Jaet
Love Koenig Olson
Madry O'Brien
Mazzie Behroozi
McChrystal Olson
McMullen Behroozi
Mitten Olson / Jaet
Murray Olson
O'Hear Olson
O'Meara Mumm
Oldfather Behroozi
Papke Darin
Rofes Darin
Schneider Olson / Jaet
Scoville O'Brien
Strifling Darin
Waxman O'Brien
Wilczynski-Vogel Mumm
Williams Olson

If you can't reach your liaison, please call the reference desk at 8-3837 or click on
E-Reference to send your query via e-mail. We'll get back to you as soon as we can, but always within 24 hours when classes are in session.

Direct phone numbers for librarians:

Leslie Behroozi
Deborah Darin
Julia Jaet
Jim Mumm
Megan A. O'Brien
Elana Olson
Wendy Smith


In addition to the librarians identified above, Part-time Reference Libarians Nancy Morris, Susan O'Toole and Wendy Smith can be reached at 8-3837.