Library Liaisons List

For every full-time faculty member, the library identifies a librarian who serves as that person's liaison with the library. The liaison program envisions a cooperative and collaborative professional relationship between faculty and librarians.

Current List

Faculty Member Librarian
Anderson Olson 
Anzivino Mumm
Bay Smith
Blemberg O'Brien (Olson)
Blinka Behroozi
Boyden O'Brien (Olson
Bradford Olson 
Carpenter Darin
Cervenka Olson
Chabot Olson
Edwards Olson
Fallone O'Brien (Olson)
Geske Olson / Mumm
Grenig Darin
Grossman Olson
Hammer Behroozi
Hammons Behroozi
Idleman Mumm
Julien Olson
Kearney, Anne Behroozi
Kearney, Joseph Olson
Kircher Olson
Lemann Darin
Lindsey Olson 
Love Koenig Olson
Madry O'Brien (Olson)
Mazzie Behroozi
McChrystal Olson
McMullen Behroozi
Mitten Olson 
Mosley Behroozi
Murray Olson
O'Hear Olson
O'Meara Mumm
Oldfather Behroozi
Papke Darin
Reinecke Olson
Rofes Darin
Scoville O'Brien (Olson)
Strifling Darin
Triggiano Mumm
Waxman O'Brien (Olson)
Wilczynski-Vogel Mumm
Williams Olson


If you can't reach your liaison, please call the reference desk at 8-3837 or send your query via e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as we can, but always within 24 hours when classes are in session.

Direct phone numbers for librarians:

Leslie Behroozi
Deborah Darin
Jim Mumm
Elana Olson
Wendy Smith