What does MARQCATplus search?

MARQCATplus searches the library catalog as well as a number of Raynor databases and the University repository, e-pubs.  A complete list of the databases searched is available.  

MARQCATplus does not search the legal databases to which the law library subscribes.

How does MARQCATplus display results?

MARQCATplus displays results according to relevancy and offers the ability to reorder the results by format, collection, location, language, date of publication, and place of origin.

When should I use MARQCATplus and when should I use MARQCAT?

MARQCATplus is generally useful for broad searches that may be further narrowed.  It is also useful when conducting interdisciplinary research.  Researchers must conduct separate searches in other relevant databases for thorough and complete research.

MARQCAT is the traditional online catalog that contains a complete listing of all items held within Eckstein Law Library and Raynor Memorial Libraries.  From the law library pages, the catalog defaults to a search of only the law library collection.