Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Course Tools
  3. Current Awareness Tools
  4. Interlibrary Loan
  5. Legal Research Instructional Services
  6. Research Assistant Support
  7. Reserve Materials for Students
  8. Scholarly Commons & SSRN


The library offers assistance with copyright clearance. If you plan to use materials on a course management site such as D2L or TWEN, in a course-pack (print or electronic) or on Electronic Reserve, please contact Jim Mumm (85351) or your library liaison. They will identify potential copyright issues, explain other options for your students to easily access necessary material or help obtain any needed permissions.

Course Tools

The Law School offers several options for instructors who would like their courses to have an online presence. Faculty may create a web course page through the University's D2L system, TWEN from Westlaw, or  Lexis Classroom. All of the courseware systems offer numerous features, such as the ability to post materials (syllabus, assignments, presentations, etc.), host online discussions, and provide an electronic drop box to which students may submit completed assignments. In many instances, the chosen system is in large part personal choice. Microsoft Teams is another tool to consider, particularly if your course includes online components. For more information, visit the ITS website or

If you intend to use TWEN or Lexis Classroom, you will need a law school-associated password from Westlaw or Lexis (depending on the product you choose) and will need to register that password. If you do not already have one, please contact Elana Olson (414-288-1696) to request a password. 

D2L: Desire2Learn

D2L is a course management system used across Marquette University departments and schools, including the law school. Students may be familiar with D2L from their undergraduate experiences. A course page is automatically created for all classes at Marquette University, with access based on instructor and student enrollment as recorded in CheckMarq. You must be listed as an instructor for a particular course in CheckMarq to access that course page.

D2L Resources for Instructors
D2L E-Learning (from IT Services TechSquad)
D2L Student Help


The West Education Network (TWEN) is an electronic extension of the classroom, integrating academic tools, Westlaw research, and other resources in an online environment.

To access TWEN, sign on to Westlaw with your Marquette-affiliated Westlaw log in information. After signing in, select TWEN from the options on the upper bar. To create a course, select Create Course and follow the course creation wizard (or contact your library liaison for assistance). To access an existing course for which you are listed as an administrator or participant, click on the name of the course.

For more information about TWEN, visit An Administrator's Guide to TWEN. Additional help functions are available within TWEN or at  

Lexis Classroom

Among other features, this course management system offers the option to host one or more threaded discussion groups with your students, post your syllabus and class materials, and links to the LexisNexis research system.

To access Lexis Classroom, log in using your Marquette-affiliated Lexis log in information and then click on Lexis Classroom in the menu bar. To create a course, click "Start a New Course" beneath the Lexis Classroom box in the right panel (or contact your liaison for assistance). 

For more information about Lexis Classroom, visit the Lexis Classroom Instructor's Quick Guide. Help features are also available after accessing Lexis Classroom.

Course Tools on the Law School Website

For more information about the tools described in this section, please visit the Media & Technology pages or contact the Media & Technology Group.

Course Pages: After logging in to the law school intranet, faculty may access the Course Materials page and post and edit assignment information, readings, and other class comments.

Email lists for classes: Email distribution lists are available for any course. These lists are intended for more frequent email distribution, with an archive for students to review.

Class Rosters for courses: A class roster with photos of students enrolled in your courses can be reached through your faculty biography page. These may only be viewed by faculty when logged in to the intranet.

Current Awareness Tools

Subscription databases including HeinOnline, Lexis, and Westlaw, and freely available websites such as offer alerts and notification features. Consult with your liaison for assistance with these or other tools, including:

Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP)

CILP is a current awareness service providing tables of contents to hundreds of law reviews and legal journals organized within more than one hundred subject headings. It comes as an e-mail to faculty who request it. Contact Elana Olson (81696) or your library liaison for assistance with CILP.


SmartCILP is an automated personalized e-mail delivery of CILP available to full-time faculty of the law school. It allows the researcher to choose law journals from which to receive tables of contents, as well as to create a personal profile from various subject headings by which to receive notices of articles within the chosen subject. SmartCILP profiles can be changed, allowing subscribers to tailor the delivery of CILP to their changing research needs. Contact Elana Olson  (81696) or your library liaison for assistance with SmartCILP.

Bloomberg Law Newsletters, Alerts, and Reports 

Our subscription to Bloomberg Law includes numerous newsletters, alerts, and reports across practice areas and topics to which you and your students can subscribe. Sign up for or manage your subscriptions by signing into Bloomberg Law and accessing "Subscribe to Newsletters." 

Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service

The Wisconsin Legislative Notification System offers a means to follow legislation by receiving daily or weekly emails for specific legislative activities. Choose items by Proposal, Committee, Author, or Subject and select the activities for which you would like to receive notifications. More information and free registration are available at the WI Legislative Notification Service webpage.

Interlibrary Loan or Borrowing from Raynor Memorial Libraries

Borrowing privileges are extended to Law Faculty at Raynor Memorial Libraries. You will need your Marquette University ID card to enter Raynor and to check out material.

You may authorize circulation staff to check out and retrieve items for you from Raynor by completing a Raynor Authorization Form and returning that form to the law library circulation desk. This authorization form remains on file at the library. To request material from Raynor, complete a Retrieval Request Form for each item and return the form to the law library circulation desk. Your library liaison or the reference librarian can help with this form. Faculty remain responsible for all materials checked-out. Circulation staff will retrieve and return items you request from Raynor.

For materials not available on campus, contact your library liaison, request an Interlibrary Loan online, or call the Reference Desk (83837) for assistance.

Legal Research Instructional Services

Teaching librarians are available to present specialized legal research instructional sessions for any law school course, particularly those in which students are expected to perform significant research. Please contact your library liaison or the Law Library Director, Elana Olson (81696), to discuss options.

Research Assistant Support

Faculty may authorize their research assistant ("RA") to check-out materials for them by completing the Law Library Form and/or the Raynor Library Form. Each form must be returned to its respective library.

Introductory or specialized research sessions are available for RAs through each faculty member's library liaison. Please contact your library liaison to make arrangements.

Reserve Materials for Students

The Law Library maintains a Reserve Area for placing materials for student use, whether books, printouts, software or other media. Subject to copyright restrictions, digital items may also be placed on electronic reserve, though posting such materials to a course page or Teams is often a better option. Please contact your library liaison for assistance. 

Scholarly Commons & SSRN

The law librarians capture, preserve, and disseminate the scholarly output of the Marquette University Law School community through an institutional repository, the Marquette Law Scholarly Commons.  The repository’s reach is worldwide with downloads from Australia, Japan, India, Brazil and China, among others. The Law Library also assists with posting to the Marquette Law School Legal Studies Paper Series on SSRN. To ensure inclusion of your scholarship in the repository and on SSRN, please contact Elana Olson or your library liaison.