International Conflict Resolution Trip

Find information about the January 2016 trip to Cuba here.

The course in International Conflict Resolution provides students with an in-depth understanding of conflict resolution in the international arena.  Students are required to research and present on the different organizations highlighted during the semester.  Classroom discussions focus on initiatives in dispute resolution undertaken by certain countries or institutions, and the course includes a trip to tour international organizations in a specific region of the world.

As one student put it: 

"Most people said I was a little crazy for heading to Israel in my first trip out of the country but what more could I ask for?  I was feeling pretty good about my knowledge of the region both from my own studies and from the preparation I had from the first few weeks of class.  After patting myself on the back on the way over, almost as soon as we landed I realized what a neat little box I had placed around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Needless to say, the conflict is anything but.  Listening to Ir Amin speak on the second day I learned that the conflict is complicated.  I knew my mind was being opened when I heard Joe Perlov say “I hate the fence, thank God for the fence” and I actually understood it.  At the Parent’s Circle meeting, Robi taught us that the conflict is deteriorating the moral character of Israel and the proof is in the rising levels of drunk driving and domestic violence. The man at the Arab Center for Policy talked about the Israeli-Arabs who have so many domestic and discrimination issues overshadowed by the conflict.  Even the extremely petite women who took us on our tour of Haifa Law School spoke about their experiences in the IDF.  What I thought I knew turned out to be the smallest sliver of reality; it affects so many people in so many ways.  This conflict consumed almost every conversation and meeting we had in Israel, but no one seems to know how to end it.  The one thing everyone did agree on was that a solution is necessary and the sooner the better.  The trip gave me an entirely new perspective on what is happening in that part of the world, and although completely exhausting, it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Twenty-five Marquette University Law School Students took a trip to Cuba in January 2016.  Students taking International Conflict Resolution in spring 2017 traveled to Israel. The next International Conflict Resolution class and trip to Israel is scheduled for March 2019.