Part-Time Program


In August 1997, Marquette University Law School opened its doors to welcome a new group of students: part-time students. In the years since, hundreds of highly motivated individuals have combined credits and careers with family responsibilities and final exams to pursue the study of law. The alumni who began their education as part-time students now influence the legal profession in the courtroom and the boardroom, in government agencies and private practice. They bring a breadth of experience and unique talents to the clients they serve.

Degree Requirements & First Year Courses

At Marquette, part-time students may complete the 90 credits required for the law degree in as many as six years or, with summer attendance, as few as four. Admission and graduation requirements are identical for part-time and full-time students, making it possible to convert from part-time to full-time status. Part-time students choose the day option, the evening option, or a combination of the two. A minimum of two courses (at least six credits) must be taken each semester.

Evening classes in the fall and spring semesters are scheduled Monday through Thursday beginning at 5:30 PM. A class change occurs anytime between 6:45 and 7:30 PM. Day classes are scheduled Monday through Friday. Part-time students should plan to attend at least two, and perhaps three or four days/evenings, per week, depending upon the pace at which they seek to move through the program. Administrators, faculty, library resources, career services, and student services are accessible during both day and evening hours.

Entering part-time students take two first-year (1L) courses in each of their first fall and spring semesters. In subsequent semesters, students may add more credits if so desired.

Depending upon the rotation of course offerings through the evening schedule, entering part-time evening students take Criminal Law (3 credits) and either Torts (4 credits), or Contracts (4 credits). Entering part-time day students choose two of the following three courses for their first fall semester: Criminal Law, Torts, or Contracts.

Review the Fall 2013 class time schedule for part-time students.

In their first spring semester, both day and evening part-time students choose two of the following three courses as scheduled: Constitutional Law (4 credits), Property (4 credits), or Civil Procedure (4 credits).

View the Spring 2014 class time schedule for part-time students.

Sample Two Year Schedule

In their second fall and spring semesters, part-time students take Legal Analysis, Writing and Research 1 & 2, plus any 1L courses not taken in the first year. It is during these two semesters that part-time students may add more courses to their schedule. By the end of their second spring semester, all part-time students will have completed the 1L required courses. View a sample schedule of the first two years of the part-time program.

Additional Degree Requirements and Course Streams

In addition to the required 1L courses, students must complete the following requirements for graduation: The Law Governing Lawyers, Evidence, Trusts and Estates, an advanced legal research course, a process elective, a perspectives course, a public law course, a seminar, and a workshop. All requirements may be met through evening courses. In selecting electives, students have the opportunity to choose from among fourteen specialized course streams:

  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Health Care Law
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Law
  • International Law
  • Public Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Sports Law
  • Taxation

Students who wish to pursue one of the course streams should meet with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Matthew Parlow early in their academic program to determine the availability of a particular course in a given semester.


Additional Information - Schedule a Visit

For additional information about the academic aspects of the program, contact Professor Matthew Parlow ( or 414-288-7842), Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. For questions about financial aid or to schedule a visit, contact the Law School's Office of Admissions (414-288-6767).

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