University of Copenhagen


Marquette University Law School currently participates in an exchange program with the University of Copenhagen and more exchanges are slated to begin in coming years. In an exchange program, Marquette students pay the same tuition and fees to Marquette that they would pay for a regular semester at Marquette but are enrolled and attend classes at the foreign law school. In exchange, the foreign schools send their students to attend regular classes at Marquette.

Students selected to participate in an exchange program will enroll in classes at the foreign law school according to procedures established by the foreign law school. In addition, students must enroll in the Law School course Law XXX Study Abroad - University of Copenhagen. Only the Law School course will appear on the student's transcript. Students will be awarded credit only for classes approved in advance by the Law School Director of Study Abroad and for which the student earns at least the equivalent of a grade of C. All credits awarded will receive a grade of Satisfactory unless the student fails to achieve a grade of C in any class, in which case the student's transcript will show that the student earned O credits for the course with a grade of Unsatisfactory. Students will be awarded credit for classes taken in exchange programs depending on the number of hours of classroom instruction required by the foreign school.

The University of Copenhagen offers classes in English but students who speak Danish are also encouraged to take classes offered in Danish. For more information about the University of Copenhagen Law School visit Only two students may participate in any exchange program per semester.

For further information about the University of Copenhagen exchange program, contact Professor Alan Madry, Director of Study Abroad Programs.  

Applications for this exchange program can be submitted online through the Marquette Office of International Education website. The application deadline is March 1 each year.