University of Copenhagen


The next available semester exchange opportunity is for the spring 2021 semester.

Marquette University Law School currently participates in an exchange program with the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). In an exchange program, Marquette law students pay tuition and fees to Marquette University on the same basis that they would pay for a regular semester at Marquette, but students are enrolled in and attend classes at the foreign law school.  The number of Marquette Law students permitted to participate in a semester exchange at the University of Copenhagen is limited to a maximum of two each academic semester, and there may be certain semesters when no exchange positions are available at all.

Founded in 1479, the University of Copenhagen is not only Denmark's oldest university, but also one of the oldest in Northern Europe. Its location in the capital city makes the University's development, key people and events part of the history of Denmark..  More information about studying at the University of Copenhagen as part of an exchange can be found at the following webpage:

Law students selected to participate in the exchange program will enroll in classes at the foreign law school according to procedures established by the foreign law school. In addition, students must enroll at the same time in parallel Law School courses titled “Law XXX Study Abroad – Comillas University.” Only the Marquette Law School courses will appear on the student's transcript.

Students must receive prior approval for their exchange courses from the Law School Director of Study Abroad Programs.  All credits awarded will receive a grade of Satisfactory, unless the student fails to achieve a grade of C in any class, in which case the student's transcript will show that the student earned O credits for the course with a grade of Unsatisfactory. Students will be awarded credit hours for classes taken in exchange programs depending on the number of hours of classroom instruction for each class.

The University of Copenhagen offers a wide selection of law courses treating international and European Union law that are taught in the English language. Additional law courses are taught in Danish. Marquette Law School students participating in an exchange at the University of Comillas may choose to take all English language courses or to take a mix of English and Danish language courses. It is recommended that law students participating in the exchange register solely for English language law courses unless they speak Danish fluently.

English is widely spoken in Copenhagen, and it is not necessary to be proficient in the Danish language in order to live and study in Copenhagen.  The University of Copenhagen offers courses in the Danish language to interested exchange students while they are enrolled in law classes.  Law School credit is NOT awarded for the Danish language instruction course.

Interested students should contact Professor Ed Fallone ( well in advance of the application deadline.  The application deadline is October 1 for the spring academic semester and March 1 for the fall academic semester.

Upon receiving Law School approval, exchange students must submit a formal application to the Marquette University Office of International Education, which then guides the law student through the registration process with the University of Copenhagen.

More information, including information on course offerings, is available at  Please note that course offerings change from semester to semester and that the University of Copenhagen cannot guarantee that exchange students will be able to enroll in all of their preferred courses.

For further information about the University of Copenhagen exchange program, contact Professor Ed Fallone, Director of Study Abroad Programs, at